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  • Roberto Landi


  • WrteStufLA

    Using Bing Maps & Google Maps street view, you can get a great idea of just how special this home is. It’s the end unit of the row’s west side, where Baker Street, Outer Circle & Allsop Place all come together. With Regent’s Park right across the street, the Baker Street tube station (where 5 diff lines converge!) just a block away and Marylebone Road just beyond that, this is an amazing location. No wonder it’s “price upon request” — this Grade I trophy should give One Hyde Park some serious $$ competition. Personally, I’d rather have this than any of the detached mansions on Kennsington Palace Gardens or the Bishop’s Avenue.

  • Daniel

    It’s lovely. A bit impersonal on the inside, but it seems *all* homes in London are, at least in listing photos. I’m sure having the luxury of your own motor court in the heart of London is pricey to say the least.

  • Scott

    As part of the Crown Estate, only the leasehold is available – and I don’t think I’d be willing to pay the price this is sure to demand for anything short of freehold.

  • Grrrowler

    The location is superb and I love the exterior. The interior is beautiful but, as Daniel pointed out, it’s somewhat impersonal. That would be easily fixed however. Some of the rooms are surprisingly small for a 21,000 square foot house, but smaller cozier rooms aren’t a bad thing, and I’m guessing a large percentage of that square footage is taken up by the pool/recreation areas. On that note, is it required that every remodeled house in/around London have an indoor pool? In any event, I like this and would take it in a heartbeat over any of the houses north of Hampstead Heath that we’ve seen.

  • lambskin

    Beautiful-love the caterer’s kitchen. An indoor pool is awesome on a rain. London Fog day.

  • Ann

    The full-sized pics of this mansion:

    • Kenny Forder


  • rob

    Beautiful Regency facade. I love the approach to this house. Can’t get a much better location. How in the hell did they end up with the same mediocre decorator as all the other houses in LOndon now a days . London has some great architects but some of the world’s shittiest decorators. Same old same old. Of course the price is insane. When will the London housing bubble burst.

  • cv711

    Price of this is in excess of £100 million

  • lambskin

    The more I look at the rear exterior, the more I do not like it. At first it is beautiful-given its location. But I keep going back and it seems to be all cement stairs and walls on either side and a large patio. Then the white house looks like it was just stacked like a wedding cake. I am sure it is breathtaking in real life but I am not a fan-except for the caterer’s kitchen.

  • dan

    I love the dramatic front entrance. The grounds are impressive to say the least. Especially the double story bay window over looking the garden terrace. However, the rooms are so understated in elegance that I don’t care for most of them. And as mentioned above the rooms are extra “tight” for a mansion. Only a two car garage – what a rip off!!!

  • WrteStufLA

    A 11/1/2012 posting on the NYC real estate blog “The Real Deal” mentions that the list price is an even 100 British pounds — or approx. $161-mill US dollars.

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