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  • Daniel

    Ummm. It’s open and light inside.

  • Lexa Pierce

    Are you a real estate agent? How do you get inside?

    • Kenny Forder

      Not yet, but I want to be one. It was a public open house.

  • ted

    wow. i actually like it.

  • Grrrowler

    It’s a lot of house for less then $4 million. It’s also very predictable; I’ve seen this same house 100 times in Seattle suburbs.

  • george

    I like the house very much. On the plus side it doesn’t have a double curved staircase. The only downside is the wine cellar.It does look like a great home to raise a family.

  • Frank

    You just described every home that’s for sales in this area for that price. Sorry, but you didn’t do this home justice. You could have written this in 2 minutes from any computer in the world just by looking at the njmls. And just so the readers know, this home isn’t close to being considered a mansion in this region. It’s the typical size and price for a new home on an acre. Sorry, not impressed.

    • Kenny Forder

      Well any home that is over 8,000 square feet is classified as a MANSION. Don’t like how I write, don’t read Homes of the Rich anymore, thank you!

  • lambskin


  • Paul

    Great photo’s, if Kenny took them. Kenny should totally become a real estate agent, with his vast knowledge of houses, their value, how to talk the talk, and as we see here, walk the walk! 🙂

    • Kenny Forder

      Thanks, Paul!! =)

  • RACW

    We have been following young Mr. Forder’s website for a while now and am very impressed with his knowledge, professionalism, and enthusiasm. We are quite intrigued by The Stone Mansion in Alpine, NJ and first became aware of it when it was under construction. Because of the information he has posted about it on this website it continues to be of great interest. At this time we would also like to thank him for bringing the above new construction in Tenafly to our attention. We are actually interested in purchasing several new homes in the northern New Jersey area and are finding Mr. Forder’s postings on this site to be of great assistance. We applaud his efforts in sharing his love and interest in beautiful houses and architecture and look forward to meeting this charming and industrious young man face-to-face in the very near future. If we do decide to pursue the purchase of The Stone Mansion in Alpine be assured that Mr. Forder will be seated front and center when we sign on the dotted line.

    • RACW

      I toured this house last month, Mr. Forder. For an asking price of almost $4 million I am not pleased with it at all. Will not post my complaints about this house on this public forum, but will send you an email shortly discussing my findings which you can share with others privately as and if you see fit.

      • Gil

        I looked at that house and would like to know what RACW found about that house?

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