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  • Daniel

    These I’m not crazy about. They all look like private preschools to me.

  • rob

    Just not my style. Too much red brick. What is this style called? If it was in the states I would call it Federal style. Is this some variation of Georgian? Just curious if anyone knows. This looks like some of the housing you find on old military bases.

  • Chris

    They look awesome, like good quality. You know, the difference with typical mcmansions is that they look refined in the whole, not like some dude picking things and features from a menu and mix them,just designed by pieces by someone not training in arts. Of course the dude picking wants the whole menu because he have a complex and he just became rich and has show it, but he also wants it cheap!!!. There is a big difference between quality finishings (with the rest in cheap materials) and a quality building (these look like the latter).

    • ZigZagBoom

      Agreed. It’s perhaps telling that the other posters are confusing them with institutional or commercial architecture. As I’ve pointed out before, in certain communities, institutional architecture at least has to pass some basic level of community architectural board or zoning review. Putting a gothic tower in the middle of a Georgian facade is not going to pass muster. I’d much rather live in something that looks like a new building on the grounds of an English public school attended by the families who have been ruling England for a thousand years, than some hideous hodgepodge of architectural motifs that says “parvenu who made it big on Wall Street, but has never actually visited Europe besides business trips to London” and has never spared a moment of brain cycles on anything but how to make money and get off with hot women. Yes, it’s all about class. But when you buy a house with > $10 million, you’re inevitably making a statement about what you think your class is. NB you don’t have to live this way, even if you’re wealthy. I know of people who are multimillionaires who live in much more modest accommodations than what they could afford.

      Although these don’t look like schools to me. They look like mansions designed to blend in with existing mansions in the UK, whether from the 1800s, 1900s, or early 20th century. I’m sure sometimes even the new money in a place like London understands the importance of that.

      • ZigZagBoom

        BTW I’m only really speaking to the overall approach of architectural tranditionalism evident in these designs. They still have things I find either faults or merely obnoxious depending on the design, like forward facing garages. All are stupidly over “landscaped” unless they really are on a small < 2 acre lot. Personally I only really like 1, 4, and 6.

  • lambskin

    Except for #6-it they all look like the same house but with a different facade. I would like a little variance.

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