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  • Daniel

    The exterior is quirky but not bad. Interior has some great spaces. Kitchen would need to be redone though. But talk about views…my goodness.

    • Kenny Forder

      The views are to die for. I wanna jump in that water sooooo badly!! I also love all the lush tropical foliage =)

  • Al Robinson

    If you copy and paste the coordinates and use them in Google Earth, nothing happens, but in Google Earth, if you remove the dash – sign, then you get the coordinates, but instead, it says

    LOT 5 Mandalay Rd, Mandalay QLD, Australia

    • A


  • Grrrowler

    It’s interesting. The exterior is nothing special, but I don’t mind it. I actually like some parts of it. I also dislike some parts, like the twisted columns. The interior has some very nice, well-finished spaces. I particularly like the dining room, and the living room isn’t bad either. The kitchen is pathetic, and I’m not fond of the master bath being open to the bedroom. Speaking of which, enough with the swag curtains! Used judiciously they can be a stunning highlight. Used everywhere, like here, they start looking silly.

  • rob

    I was going to say something about a Florida knockoff until I watched the video tour. WOW, I will take it. This is a true world class estate. The detail is uncompromising and the quality is first rate. Just looking at the furnishings had me drooling. They did not skimp at all on this place. Do yourself a favor and watch the video tour, it is unlike any other video house tour I have seen. The landscaping is designed to attract butterflies. It makes me want to fly out there tonight. Only one question. Is that really two houses? because the helipad connects to a second house. Also have deep water dockage for a 100 foot yacht right at your door. Plus, this backs to a national park, and I imagine the wildlife is intense, if extremely deadly..


    Meh…looks like everything else you see in Beverly Hills or Newport Beach.Betcha’ they shoot reality shows in it while waiting for a buyer.I will give them points for the sick setting…the sick pool…and the sick helipad however.:-)

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