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  • Last Man Standing

    I like everything about it including the history. I also like the fact they didn’t stage it so you can see the blank canvas of the rooms. Nice grounds, a lot of light in the rooms, just well done.
    But, the location and history means you probably have to be a billionaire to own it.

    • nickf

      Love it, ceilings are low, but nice

  • Daniel

    I like the history of the place but the exterior looks like they couldn’t decide on a set style. Front and rear are very busy looking. Interior is very ‘heavy’ but it could be nice. I’ll assume it is listed for $468.2 million.

  • Grrrowler

    I love the house. The roof on the left and right wings looks much newer than the center section, and that could have been done better. But, I think it’s great overall. It would definitely make for an interesting house once it were properly furnished. I personally wouldn’t want to live in Wimbeldon, but I’d still take the house. As for the price, if you have to ask…

    • Grrrowler

      And speaking of Wimbeldon, does anyone else have The Wombles theme song stuck in their head now?

  • mac22

    Since its earliest history dates to the 16th century I presume the multiple styles of the facades is due to changing tastes over the centuries and that is certainly not a negative but a very big positive. The history and architecture and all the quirks and oddities are magnificent. Its life from humble rectory to ownership by Henry VIII is worth the price whcih judging from the ludicrious asking price of the previous English home a few days ago, is probably just as insane.

  • rob

    I love it. Who wouldn’t want to live in one of Henry VIII’s little palaces. I love the Jacobean architecture, like Hampton Ct. Palace. Grounds are beautiful. Not sure how close Wimbledon is to The City. I think it is a steal at only 3 trillion dollars.

  • Cubby

    What is the official asking price?

  • NOVA Ben

    Absolutely stunning, inside and out. Since the tapestries are (almost) the only things left in the house, I wonder if they convey?

  • dan

    Amazing restoration to modern livability. Love the high ceiling over the kitchen. The medieval fig trail is enchanting. It should be a museum not a private house.

  • lambskin

    The deal breaker for me is the copper tub with the painted finish. Otherwise a great house!

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