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  • Grrrowler

    I definitely prefer Windsor Park Hall over the first. I think the exterior is more pleasing, and I love that some modern elements have been subtly introduced into the grounds. The whole house is a great example of mixing contemporary and traditional elements. I do hate the banquet hall and the bowling alley, but if I could afford the house I could afford to repurpose those spaces. I’m curious what the interior of Parkwood will look like when/if it’s done. All that said, I’m getting bored with the Candy & Candy look. It’s been done so much (by them and others), sometimes successfully, sometimes not, but it needs to evolve already.

    Incidentally, the Candy’s private yacht is still for sale: http://www.edmistoncompany.com/luxury-yachts-for-sale/candyscape-ii-768/.

  • rob

    Both are beautiful architecturally, and they do a great job of modern decorating but the interiors look like a Four Seasons hotel. I don’t know how anyone in England knows whose house they are in. All the interiors look the same.

  • Daniel

    I love W.P.H., but I feel like it is one of their most tamed projects ever. It’s almost as if it was done by someone to copy C&C, not C&C themselves. But alas, it is still gorgeous. The only other design firm that comes close to blending traditional and contemporary along with incredible textures is Peter Marino. The exterior water feature is incredible – subtle yet dramatic.

  • Tony

    I think the Candy brothers make cheap looking contemporary overpriced crap. Some of their stuff is ok but not nice enough to warrant the prices they charge. That $300 million apartment they sold in Monte Carlo was nice compared to the other apartments in Monte Carlo cause most the other apartments there look cheap and old and outdated, but I believe something has to have a very opulent look and be made of the most expensive materials to warrant their prices. Also their stuff looks too contemporary. For example the first house is supposed to be traditional but then they mix in contemporary elements that just ruin the house and make it look cheap. For example that round half circle window on the exterior looks weird and cheap and tacky and ruins the traditional design aesthetic.

    • Daniel

      I really disagree with you here. It is completely unfair to write off anything remotely contemporary or modern as “cheap”. I don’t think I can recall a firm that uses so many different precious materials (wood, stone, metal, crystal) in so many ways without overpowering the senses. You mentioned the Monaco penthouse – I suggest you re-read what actually went into that place. Platinum leaf (gold is too pedestrian). Platinum finishes. The finest suede. Hand carved everything. The list goes on and on. Just because they don’t use gold leaf or overpowering crown moldings doesn’t mean they are cheap. And remember, someone purchased that apartment when it wasn’t even on the market. It’s been said before, but something is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. If someone buys it, then it obviously isn’t overpriced, otherwise it wouldn’t sell.

      • Grrrowler

        I agree Daniel. Just because an interior isn’t over-the-top gaudy doesn’t mean that it’s not highly-detailed and very expensive. Good contemporary design is full of subtle details, textures, finishes, and high-quality materials. It may take more time to notice all the details, but that’s part of the beauty; I don’t want to be hit of the head by a design that screams at me that it’s expensive, I want it to reveal itself to me. While I am bored with the Candy & Candy style, it’s obvious that a lot of time, thought, and money is underneath the subtlety and tastefulness.

      • Tony

        I disagree. The windows on the first house looks cheap. The walls look cheap and the materials look cheap. To me it doesn’t matter if some expensive materials were used. If it looks cheap then it still looks cheap. For example Updown Court. The walls and most of the materials in Updown Court looked cheap. But Updown Court had a lot of expensive marble throughout. But millions of dollars in marble doesn’t change the fact that everything else looked cheap. The Candy brothers know what they are doing. They make cheap crap and sell it for way more than what they spent to make it. Now I already said that the Monaco apartment was ok. It wasn’t spectacular but it is the best apartment I have seen in Monaco. And it was only as good of quality as it was because that was a residence that the Candy brothers themselves actually lived in but everything else they make looks cheap and the Monaco apartment was cheap in some aspects too. Also I do not like anything that looks gaudy. I like quality. And these houses shown above are not the best quality. All the molding and wood work looks cheap and a lot of the walls are plain and cheap and these homes are supposed to be traditional and even if a house is contemporary they can still use expensive moldings. Something doesn’t have to look like cheap crap just because it is contempory. Look at the crown molding in Le Belvedere and then look at the crown molding in these homes. These homes have cheap very thin standard basic looking molding. The molding in Le Belvedere is way thicker and has more quality and looks more intricate and the entire walls of every room in Le Belvedere is covered in molding. The quality in these homes can’t compare. If I am gonna pay Candy brother prices for something then I want it to be the best quality I’ve ever seen and everything I have seen from the Candy brothers looks cheap and plain. And again just cause you say they used suede and platinum finishes means nothing to me. That’s just like these rappers. They go and buy cheap quality houses that look like that cheap tacky house Martin Lawrence had in Beverly Park. Then these rappers add millions of dollars worth of marble and gold plated stripper poles and have all these rolls royces and expensive stuff but the house is still cheap garbage. Filling a cheap garbage looking house with a bunch of expensive stuff doesn’t make it a quality home. All the platinum in the world wouldn’t make Martin Lawrence’s house a quality house. You’d have to tear the whole house down and start over to make it a nice house. That’s what I think of the Candy brother’s homes. The whole thing looks cheap. A few expensive elements here and there doesn’t fix that.

        • c

          enjoy your studio apartment

        • Tigurinn

          “If it looks cheap then it still looks cheap. For example Updown Court.” Agreed.

        • Tony

          Also I wanna add that these aren’t the worse houses ever. These are nice houses. But the Candy brothers charge like $100 million, $200 million, and upwards of $300 million for most of the properties they sell. I am not sure of the price of these homes but when something is priced in the typical range that the Candy brothers charge then I am very critical. For example Updown Court isn’t that bad. Its a nice house overall, but the original asking price was around $140 million. For that price range I am gonna me extremely critical. Now if these houses are priced at only $20 million or so then I’d say they are good for that price all though I may dislike a few of the contemporary design aspects. But if it is over $100 million then this quality isn’t worth that.

  • lambskin

    House #2 living room looks really small and the use of mirrors on at least two of the walls does not make it look bigger. In fact it looks like nearly every room (bowling alley, party room, dining room) has some sort of ‘wall o mirror’ treatment. That’s a lot of Windex my friends! Again a floating tub-just had a nice soak, super clean-now let’s use that towel that has been lying on the dirty wet floor…

    • Grrrowler

      Pick up our own towels? That’s what one of the upstairs maids is for! Next thing you’ll suggest is that we have to actually get our own clothes out of the closet!. Barbaric…

  • BJ

    What we see here is the future. Nick and Christian are absolutely hammering the fees into the stratosphere with clients who can pay them every dime they ask. From a business perspective, what they have accomplished in 15 years is nothing short of incredible. But enough about propping their bona fides, their designs are carving out the design palate for a whole generation. I hate to say it, but their yacht designs are much better than their homes, even though I certainly like their homes. When given the confined spaces, they seem to excel versus the open boxes of these estates.

    And since we have a lot of price discussions here, the Candy’s sold their Belle Epoch penthouse in Monaco for £200m. Unbelievable. These brothers got “it” whatever “it” is.

  • dan

    I just like the indoor pool design in house #1.

  • c

    i think kenny got crushed by a tree or something in that bitchy sandy thing…

  • Tony

    Hey kenny are you ok? You haven’t posted in a few days and I know there’s a storm in your area??

    • Kenny Forder

      Hey Tony. I”m fine, thanks! 🙂 Just no power at my house, will be down for a week or so. I’m at my mom’s job on the computer lol

  • JFW

    Ugh. The interiors are horrid.

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