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  • Daniel

    Gorgeous fall foliage. The exterior is quirky. The garage portion is a bit overwhelming. I think I prefer the exterior of the guest cottage to the main house. Interior would be at home in a Jersey/Alpharetta/Franklin TN home. Not elegant enough for Greenwich.

  • lambskin

    Awful-inside and out. Keep the pool and tennis courts, live in the cottage while the place is demolished, and start over.

  • Mak

    I love the rusticity of the exterior, but the interior decor doesn’t seem to match it very well. I do like the size and shape of the kitchen layout. It is nicely scaled.

    The pool area and tennis court is also nicely executed.

    I don’t like the long path from the parking area out front to the front door. It seems they could have done a better job designing that.

  • rob

    Kind of refreshing for Greenwidh, where everything is usually so staid and formulaic. I like the foliage and the rounded features of the house. I thought this was in Maine at first. I like the haphazard landscaping but the interior needs a complete redo. Hasn’t been redecorated since 1988. I hope they don’t tear it down and replace it with another stately Georgian.

  • Grrrowler

    If a grandmother in the midwest hit it big and decided to move to Greenwich, I picture her living in this, since it would remind her of her humble roots.

    I actually like the outside of the house; the vaguely-Victorian shingle style looks interesting. But, the interior is a travesty. I think I saw that same kitchen in a double-wide somewhere once. And, the faux-marble columns outside the dining room belong back in the 1990’s, whence they came. I suppose if a new owner ditched all the bad finishes, redid the kitchen, and removed some of the hideousness like those columns he’d end up with a…well, he’d end up with a very average interior.

    The pool area and grounds are very bucolic-looking.

    • ZigZagBoom

      Silly grandma – shoudda moved to Santa Barbara!
      I think Greenwich is only for people who have hit it big, and need to stay close to the Big Apple to remain so.

  • Sam

    I’m actually starting to like this style of house. My mind is starting to open up to homes in styles other than mediterranean:) I also really like craftsman style homes, especially the one in pics 3, 4, & 9 of this post.


  • Paul

    Grrrowler said it well. I want to get the drek-orators name and the (d)rape-ry company’s name so I and the community (Los Angeles) I live in can stay far, far away. The house shows so badly with these photo’s and furnishings it makes the interior look worth gutting. The realtor needs to read our comments – do him/her a big favor and send these on to them. Plus, you cannot tell this is an 11,000 SF house as that’s huge and the rooms look so small. The space is taken up by the 9 bedrooms. Nine bedrooms without an amazing master with fabulous walk-in his/her closets? Rooms for 8 kids? Guesthouse for staff? Will need to expand the game and family rooms to accommodate all those kids’ interests. Looks like a $1-2,000,000 remodel will be needed to update size of breakfast room and recreation/study spaces. Oh, I am being too critical – love all that grass!

  • DC Scott

    The exterior has more charm and character than the standard Connecticut McMansion interior. I was hoping for more of a true Craftsman style inside, with lots of glorious, thick natural woodwork.

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