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  • Daniel

    Thank the lord for some halfway decent real estate photos! Exterior of home ain’t bad – reminds me of a giant wedding cake for some reason. Interior seems to have some nice spaces. Just need to town down the murals.

  • Grrrowler

    It’s nice for a type, but it really doesn’t appeal to me. There’s a little too much going on in the interior, and it’s way too feminine for me. I will say that the house looks lovely from the street, but I don’t like that there’s more front yard than back.

  • richvanc

    I’m not sure if Daniel means ‘tear’ down the murals, or ‘tone’ down the murals. Either would be fine by me. The giant wedding cake is a decent analogy IMO. I forsee a very unhappy marriage in this home’s future.

    • Daniel

      Whoops. Tone is what I meant…

  • NOVA Ben

    Not bad…I like the exterior more, but it’s nice overall.

  • ted

    the kitchen is weird.

  • rob

    I am trying to picture this thing gutted of all its furniture. Something about it is just overdone and uncomfortable. Can you just reach out and hit that chandelier on your way down the stairs? Not my style at all, but anyone who buys this house is going to be a banking executive stationed in Charlotte and they will be out of the house in 3-5 years so not so much of a commitment.

  • lambskin

    Is that a giant bird on the left side of the roof in pic #12? What is that?

  • richvanc

    Actually, the more I look at this house, the more I like it. I do like the second floor terrace. It feels ‘Southern’ and appropriate for the architecture.
    Inside…there are some lovely elements. Imagine the fun you could have with a base-ball bat and that chandelier on the stairway! 😉 p.s. i think that’s a dracula on the roof.

  • Chris

    Its definitely regal, but not my taste. Too formal for me.

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