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  • Daniel

    What are those holes in the roof? It looks like woodpeckers had a ball with it…

    Home is decent. Not crazy about the electrical tape-on-cardboard floors. You couldn’t pay me to walk downstairs at night with that view in photo 13…creepy as heck. The rear of the home looks like a dorm.

    • matt

      they arent holes?….

      • Daniel

        I think you’re right, but what are they? What purpose do they serve? I don’t ever recall seeing that on a house before.

        • Kenny Forder

          They were like little decorative details that stood up straight.

          • Doug

            Not sure what they’re called but they are very common on slate-roofed homes. Their purpose is to prevent ice from sliding off the roof in a solid sheet due to the steep pitch of most slate roofs. This causes the ice to break apart before falling off a roof, thus not damaging anything or injuring anyone.

    • Grrrowler

      They’re called simply “snow guards”.

      • NOVA Ben

        Yep, and you’d think they were useless right up until a sheet of ice lands on your head and kills you. Personally, I think they’re one of those purely utilitarian things that actually ends up looking nice…especially on standing-steam metal roofs.

        • Grrrowler

          I think they look nice too, on the right sort of roof.

      • Kenny Forder

        Oh, thanks for the clarification =P

      • Daniel

        Ha. One problem Floridians don’t need to worry about…

  • Chris

    Nothing special.

  • Michael

    Absolutely Love the way it looks and the set up. I would love this to be my home! 🙂

  • ted

    love this. newer new jersey home minus the gaudy-ness.

  • Grrrowler

    It’s not quite Tudor enough to really appeal to me. Well, that’s the exterior; the interior isn’t Tudor at all. The rooms don’t look like anything special and, even though it may be an effect of the camera lens, the proportions in the foyer as seen in pic 13 are just wrong.

    • Kenny Forder

      Just the effect 🙂

  • NOVA Ben

    Too many colors/angles/textures on the facade. Inside is better, although some of the woods make it look dated already. Not bad overall though. I like the foyer floor and staircase.

    • NOVA Ben

      Correction, I think it’s the drapes that date the place. They need to go.

  • rob

    Nice looking exterior. Looks kinda warm and old. The interior is nice and solid, nothing over the top. I am not seeing 5 million though. I have seen pics of that shower before, but there was some crazy man dancing in it or something. I think the place might be haunted.

    • george

      I think it’s a holloween thing in the shower.

  • lambskin

    This place was built in 2011? The furniture and drapes are so old looking. This place looks like there was a foreclosure and the light fixtures were replaced-check out the dining room fixture.

    • NOVA Ben

      You’re right, that dining room “chandelier” is a spectacular fail.

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