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  • Daniel

    Front facade is extremely cold looking. The featureless windows really make this look very institutional. The foyer niches are ridiculous. Living and dining rooms look nice, the rest is pretty standard looking. Kitchen island is distracting. Rear of the home is a little better than the front, but why is there a used car dealership attached to it?

  • rob

    Is this a new build? I actually like the classical facade. I guess this style is called plain Georgian? I like some things about the interior. I think the decorator was trying too hard to be cool, but they also kept a lot of traditional English country house style. I wish everyone in the UK did not think that they were a rock star. I like the sleek look and the view off of the pool. The foyer looks pretty cold and uninteresting. I like the gravel driveway although I hear upkeep is a bitch. I like that it is on 27 acres but I would prefer 200 for something that looks like an estate. Overall, I would take it with just a few changes. Of course the price is insane. I don’t even have to request it to know it is insane.

    • cv711

      Price is £13.5 million

  • BJ

    I am less and less a fan of staircase entries. Maybe it is changing taste, maybe it is a symptom of an overdone genre. Overdone and rarely done well. And this one is so dainty, out of scale, like the stairs are fragile afterthoughts compared to the anchor the scale requires.

    As for the exterior, I suppose middle school moderne is too much of a compliment. And then there is the interior in all of it’s mishmash of cliche and contrived styling. Not a bit of sense there, but then, this house is new wealth meets bad taste aided by a sorely undertrained decorator.

    An uptight visual disaster.

  • ted

    i kind of like the rear exterior and parts of the interior such as the kitchen and foyer.

  • Chris

    typical UK new build. Historic exterior hides gaudy modern interior.

  • ZigZagBoom

    I don’t find the exterior cold or institutional. Many British manor houses and stately homes from the 18th and early 20th centuries look like this. I do think the interior is quite dull for the most part. In particular, the wall-to-wall white carpet gives a generic upscale-hotel quality.

  • Grrrowler

    My first impression is a country estate that’s been turned into a private school, stripped of any character (for ease of maintenance of course) and had a new gymnasium wing added. The interior has some nice moments (e.g. the dining room), but each room looks like it came out of a different house. While any single room isn’t hideous, it’s an incohesive mess.

  • lambskin

    I don’t get the modern wing with the rest of the house.

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