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  • Daniel

    Jeez. You can tell it’s 1975 by that foyer ceiling. Other than the low ceilings, the rest of the house ain’t bad. Seems like a pretty normal family lives here, not ones who are obsessed with showing off their fortune.

  • BJ

    Comfortable like a pair of broken in loafers. Human sized rooms with scale and simplicity. The larger stone fireplace and the green kitchen counters are about the only major changes I’d make. The smaller stone fireplace fits the game room/lounge intent. I like how the afterthought of adding on a few times to include more garages fits nicely with the original house.

    Sometimes remodels and additions can get messy. This one blends it all together pretty well and irons out the rough spots. The only thing from homes of this era that is a nightmare is aluminum electrical wiring that was used extensively, even in high end builds. Hopefully that is all in order and past rehabs took care of that.

  • lambskin

    I am not an expert, but I do not think that the additions blend well. I am not a fan of this house.

  • NOVA Ben

    They’ve done a good job keeping this one modern, I wouldn’t have guessed 1975. The breezeway connecting the semi-detached garage looks a little on the cheap side, I just as soon would’ve kept it completely detached. Otherwise this really isn’t bad at all.

  • ZigZagBoom

    In keeping with my recent film references, I can see this being used for a remake of ‘Ordinary People’. Of course, they’d have to change some furnishings, make the home theater room a home pinball room, and shoot the kitchen scenes separately on a set with with era-appropriate mustard yellow appliances.

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