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  • Daniel

    That living room looks very corporate. Honestly, this might be great to visit for a week but I’d go crazy if I had to stay any longer than that.

  • LE

    SOLD!!!! I think this has become my next dream house. I love the exterior and the interior. It has no feel of being ostentatious yet maintains a strong sense of elegance and quality throughout the home. I especially love the solarium. I would imagine it might be pretty toasted with the hot TN sun in the summertime, but we had one similar to this one when I lived at home in NJ and the room was almost 70’s even during of the coldest winter days…as long as the sun was out, of course.
    This estate looks very familiar. I can’t say that I love the dirt driveway so I think a nice cobble stone drive with granite curbing would do nicely with the style of this place. Is it possible the Bing aerials predate the final construction so it didn’t capture the finished driveway because in the one photo that leads to one of the many out buildings you can clearly see that the drive is paved. if the drive is paved to the out building I would have to imagine that it was paved in front of the estate as well.
    Anyway, I promised my wife that our next house we purchased will have a fountain so I’m all set if I was to purchase this place.

  • lambskin

    I really wanted to like this place on the inside based on the first photo. What an impressive shot. Last two photos too. But I am not a fan of the interior. The kitchen is a mess. For a house that size what a narrow foyer.

  • Grrrowler

    The first pic is intriguing; it looks like there’s promise with the lake and bucolic setting. The next pics all dispel that promise. The front of the house looks very uninteresting and the garage wing is way overpowering. Inside, the living room is a nice idea, but it’s in desperate need of a makeover. It looks as if someone was going for a baronial feel with the two fireplaces (an idea I like), but it was very poorly executed. In fact, the whole interior is completely soulless. I’d actually take the log guest house instead of the main house.

  • Mak

    Where is Pic #14 located on the property?

  • Nightmoves

    Overpriced and not exactly high end construction, but I would love to live there in peace away from the hoi poloi.

  • rob

    Pretty hokey and uninspired.

    • ZigZagBoom

      I agree, hokey is a good word for it. It’s not obscenely awful or anything, it’s just, well, hokey!

  • richvanc

    meh… ;-(

  • Paul

    The drive is paved on Google Maps. The lot is hacked all to heck too, like they were trying to build lots of McMansions before the market dried up or this is some kind of UFO landing site. Not for me. Too much going on for me.

  • dan

    Wow! Eighthundred acres, thats what I call a spread. Kenny, that living/dining room is 1,428 square feet. I like it too. I love the home theatre with the concession space in the rear. Overall, Its not my style, but if I wake up tomorrow and find $20 million in my checking account, I’ll call the agent for a showing.

  • The Last Man Standing

    I liked it. There was no deal killer here. I would take it.

    The clincher was the land. A mansion on a lot where you can watch your neighbor’s television through his window isn’t a mansion.
    The number one feature of my future estate will be the library. I wish they had pictures of it here if they had one.
    Very nice.

  • mattc.

    Interestingly, this estate is not owned by a music celebrity although it’s just around from Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s farm. The owner is an investor named Carl Haley who was a partner in a medical billing company and cashed out. He now runs the biggest limo service in Nashville. And yes, the driveway is paved !

  • Chris


  • avoona

    Nothing says $19.9 million like a picnic table out back…

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