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  • Grrrowler

    Surprisingly, I don’t mind the exterior. I think the back is more attractive than the front. Of course, the view is lovely. Unfortunately it’s in Newport Coast which just doesn’t appeal to me.

    The interior is exactly what I would expect when looking at the exterior. It’s not the worst interior I’ve seen and has some nice details. I like the darker wood floors as they make a nice counter to the light walls. I think the theater and billboards room are pretty uneventful, and in fact I actively dislike them. The ceiling treatment in the living room is especially nice. The kitchen is a disappointment. Overall for the price, it wouldn’t be my first choice.

  • rob

    Newport Coast……never. Just go over the hill to Santa Barbara if you want to get a real great house.

  • Daniel

    Love it inside and out. Now about that pesky price…

    • Kenny Forder

      They need to slash it in half.

  • ted

    how about the horrible quality photos?

  • Kam

    Grossly overpriced.. Interior is horrible .. Contemporary is in and whatever they did is out!


    Yeah it’s another Mediterranean Monstrosity.Still…it’s tolerable.Don’t love it…but don’t hate it either.That view can’t be beat.I happen to like Newport Coast. Is’nt this Chuck Finely’s place?

  • Chris

    Ugh, I’m sick of seeing so many damn Mediterranean mansions in Newport Coast. Seriously people, build in a different style.

  • andi

    Who would pay so much money to live on such a small lot with so little privacy from your neighbors? Divide the price by 4 and it might seem right to me. The decor is as bad as the “art” on the walls.

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