$16.9 Million 25,000 Square Foot Mega Mansion Under Construction In South Barrington, IL | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Daniel

    This can turn out really well or it can be an utter disaster. My money’s on the latter, simply because of the Barrington location.

    • lambskin

      It could fit well in Jersey too-next to the Gorga’s.

  • Grrrowler

    It could be a really interesting, well-done baronial manner. It will probably be a pathetic and tacky mess, but at least it will give us something to talk about.

  • rob

    I like the rendering. But I always like the rendering more than the finished product.

  • george

    If I wanted to live there, currently on the market there is a 33,500 sq ft house on 10 acres for $7,750,000.00. Why would I want to spend over 9 mil more for a smaller house on much less land? And have to wait a year or two more for it to be ready.

  • The Last Man Standing

    I think the stables in the picture are nice. I wonder what the house looks like?

    • lambskin


  • urbaneddie

    can anyone tell me which of the four entrance areas is the main one??? or is this really just a big apartment complex?

  • dan

    This home would fit well in the English countryside. The room sizes from the ad link are impressive. I might end up liking this house…but, lets see what they do with the interior – i fear daniel may be correct.

  • Brijbhushan Bhattadri

    Check out how much the 70 acre Hidden Ponds estate in Barrington sold for. And, if you;re looking at the Greater Chicagoland area, also check how much the Lansdowne estate eventually sold for. 😉 The name “Windy City” must have been derived from the pricing habits of Chicago’s realtors.

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