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  • Daniel

    Venetian my @ss. The swirled columns in the back don’t count. I think the house tries unnecessarily to be formal. This is the Bahamas – who are you going to impress? For the price I’d rather get something in Naples or Marco Island.

  • Grrrowler

    This is a Venetian palazzo: http://www.artonfile.com/images/VENICE-50-2.jpg

    The house here resembles that not at all. It looks like a midwestern McMansion plunked down on an island, which I guess is what it actually is. Where’s the casual elegance that should be in a tropical home? This place looks plain stuffy. I get the sense that the current owners have never once spent a day with the windows wide open and without the aircon running full blast.

    I suppose I’m old school, but if I were to live on/near New Providence, I’d want to be in Lyford Cay. I’d much rather live near the likes of Heidi Horton and the Guinnesses than on Paradise Island with all the tourists, and would rather look out over a white sand beach than an overly-busy harbor entrance.

  • lambskin

    Ditto above-would rather have beach than dock. But the hot tub area is nice.

  • Chris

    The yacht along with the houses on the side, both the left and the right, look much better.

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