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  • Daniel

    The front is terrible in my opinion. The eye doesn’t know where to look first. The front entrance is so obscure looking. Why would you make that second floor connection so prominent, especially when it leads you to a dinky fireplace and not the swimming pool? The interior is equally awkward looking. Very odd room positioning and angles throughout. Finally, the absolute lack of a yard is unforgivable, considering Paradise Valley is known for it’s somewhat large lots. Fail in my book.

  • Grrrowler

    Well, this I dont like one bit. I guess the gold course is supposed to be the back yard…? The front is a mess and comes across as just a jumble of shapes. The interior is a whole lotta beige and has almost no character or uniqueness.

  • lambskin

    Sacre Bleu! No wonder a lot of the pictures were taken at night. This place is mared. The gate for the next house right as you enter this property is really ugly and distracting and perhaps noisey as traffic has to stop and restart. The living room is cramped and ill-shaped. The pool is uninspired. The view out the back is basically a dried out golf course-“Camelback’ name makes sense since it loks like a big sandtrap anyway. And the window treatments must go-especially the ugly ‘batwing’ drapes on the second floor.

  • Nic

    I’m surprised they are calling this a French Provincial. It looks more like a Mediterranean. And I am not sure how I would feel about living directly on the golf course – especially if my neighbor’s have bad aim.

    Otherwise I agree with everyone above – it is not an attractive home. It is unfortunate that they chose to cover the entire plot with the house without leaving room for more than a few patches of grass.

  • BJ

    as I was going through these pix it went something like this:

    “hmmm, hmmm, OK, not bad, not bad, meh, meh, OK, whatevs, OK, meh,


    And yep, agree with all the above.

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