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  • Daniel

    Not bad. Interior has some nice spaces. Favorite part of the home is the rear exterior – reminds me of a baby Chiltern.

  • rob

    I agree that the rear exterior is gorgeous. The front is just so so. The decorating is just ok, nothing real interesting or inspired.

  • Chris

    The rear view is to die for! Overall the house isn’t bad, a tad bland perhaps on the interior and the front is eh, but it works.

  • Andrew

    It’s nice and it looks liveable enough. Personally I hate arched doorways but that’s purely my personal preference.

  • The Last Man Standing

    European inspired? Does that mean the HVAC only works 30 hours a week? It’s boring. It’s bland. It fits in with all the other Greenwich homes for drones.

    Everything seems well done, but nothing seems to be done to that little degree more. How many drunk bank vice presidents would come home to the wrong house and not even know it?

    The one truly ugly picture was the home theater. Other than that, It has nothing against it, and nothing going for it.

    • Tay

      This isn’t really a popular house style in CT, or even Greenwich, brick isn’t used a whole lot. If this were DC or Atlanta, different story.

  • Grrrowler

    I agree with everyone that the rear facade is lovely. It’s not “oh my god!” lovely, but it’s lovely. The front of the house looks like a tract house on steroids, and belongs more in a Texas suburb than Greenwich.

    The interior is not offensive, but each room looks more like a page out of a furniture catalog than a home. I realize that it’s probably staged, but even without the white-bread furnishings, the bones are pretty dull.

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