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  • Daniel

    They really like to use wood, huh? Exterior is incredibly odd. It looks like they want guests to enter the side entrance of the garage instead of the front door. Interior seems very impersonal to me. The single tree in photo 2 looks so lonely. Price seems high.

    • Al Robinson

      I do have to agree with you Daniel about the side entrance reference. I don’t understand why they would need a fence in the front of the house, especially since the grounds are gated at the entrance.

  • Al Robinson

    For starters, it’s refreshing seeing a mansion that wasn’t built in either the Lake Minnetonka area or in Edina. I can say for sure from having lived in the Twin Cities my whole life, that Inver Grove Heights is not known for mansions. Over the next 10 to 20 years, more of the newer mansions in the Twin Cities will be built in the southeastern suburbs, from Lakeville over to Cottage Grove and Woodbury. That area still has a ton of undeveloped land.

    As for the home itself, I really like it. I like that it’s craftsmanship is understated. The wood is a nice hue of brown. The rooms seem too open, but if you fill it with knick-knacks and a family, then that will not be a problem. I’m still unsure though why they would build a greenhouse attached to it.

  • Al Robinson

    I think a lot of the $12 million price tag has to do with all of the land that comes with it. Think of the possibilities…

  • ted

    not terrible for being in minnesota.

  • NOVA Ben

    I’ve never seen a home with so much wood that also managed to look so cold. Parts of the interior are VERY commercial-looking, like they belong in an office building. Mostly, though, it’s just very impersonal, as Daniel quite rightly said. The front exterior falls flat on its face, and the hardscaping in general is dismal. And I realize that you get 78 acres, but the price still seems eye-watering.

    • ZigZagBoom

      Yes! I was about to say that the interior feels like the high rollers section of an Indian casino!
      The exterior is dreadful, literally. I’m full of dread just looking at it.

  • The Last Man Standing

    From the listing it seems to have been built in 2005. I wonder how long it has been vacant? No effort was done on the landscaping that I could see. That is its major drawback for me.
    Overall, I really liked it. With the exception of that RV mirrored ceiling thing in the Kitchen and the jack stand exhaust hoods. They would have to go.

    What I really loved without reservation is the greenhouse. I’ll dream of that tonight. I have citrus trees and bay trees that I have in a cold frame for winter. I would love a real greenhouse…and that one is beautiful.

  • dan

    Nice spread. I’m somewhat familiar with Minnesota, and the house seems to fit in with its unique design. I like the wine cellar and as a northern gardener, I love the green house and its location next to the home. For the most part I liked the interior. Overall, it would be an inviting place to come in from the cold. Excellent location to the Twin Cities, and that may explain the high asking price.

  • ZigZagBoom

    Da fuq? Is there a strange piece of modern art in a glass tube near the stairs? I can’t tell what I’m even seeing. Maybe it’s a reflection? Giant 2 story fishtank filled with piranhas – useful for unruly guests and difficult cats? Help me out! I’m gonna have nightmare about that thing!

    • mak

      It was the statue’s of the Blues Brothers that really caught my attention…

  • lambskin

    I hate crammed in stools/chairs under kitchen islands and bars that leave little or no room. All those stools in the kitchen island are not necessary since there is an eating space. The stool/chairs in the bar area look so uncomfortable. The green house looks weird from the driveway vantage. I am sorry, this place is a mess.

  • rob

    I think that is one of the most boring houses I have ever seen. Boring house, boring area, boring land. Am I missing something. I thought this was in a desert, not Minnesota

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