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  • Adam

    it’s just so poorly laid out….i saw the floor plans and couldn’t believe someone built it. It’s very tacky, has little flow, and is just a hodge-podge of a bunch of textbook luxury things all mashed together. “Look at the chandelier and double height ceilings!” just because it has those things doesn’t make it architecturally interesting or well done.

  • george

    The fact it took 7 years to design shows the ineffectivness of electro-shock therapy.

    • Mak

      slow clap.

  • Daniel


    • Mak


  • Grrrowler

    The whole video is laughable. “(I)nspired by Versailles living…”: what does that even mean? Maybe the owners are due to be executed soon?! At least his master bath is nice: I know when I take a shower, I certainly want to feel like I’m in a car wash.

  • lambskin

    Two doctors built it? I wonder what specialties. If it took 7 years to build how long did they actually live in it? Where are they going now? I know..who cares!

  • Tony

    This cheap ass crap took 7 years to build? Please! Somebody has to be lying. That’s supposed to be $500,000 in molding? Joe Gorga’s molding looks like better quality than that. If this is the quality of molding you get for $500,000 then I see why it was reported that Mohamed Hadid spent $59,000,000 to build Le Belvedere. I guess $20,000,000 of that $59,000,000 went towards molding cause he had to have spent that much if you only get this cheap look for $500,000.

  • Brian

    I take it no one is willing to offer at least $18.5M? How about $8.5M? $.5M? The owners were too exhausted from the design process to ever actually move in.

    • lambskin

      Or overwhelmed by the chlorine vapors.

  • Alex

    She isn’t good at maths:

    Its $100+ per MONTH (not year) for 30 years, including interest

  • Apprazer

    Everybody was so amazed/mortified at the house that none of you scholars commented on the gaff made by the reporter..certainly not a mathematician! $17.1m for 30 years at lets say 6% is $102,500 per MONTH!!! not $100,000 per YEAR!!! If you get a 4% mortgage your monthly payments will ONLY be $81,600/month!

  • george

    I think the real estate agent that has this listing is the one who lost the listing for the stone mansion in Alpine after getting only a 32 mil dollar offer.My guess is that after reading our responses to this @#$% he should be placed on suicide watch.

  • Jeff P.

    I don’t really know what to think about the house, because this “piece” was so poorly shot and edited – you end up with no feel for the home at all, yet you know how much the hallway molding cost? And what was this doing on the news in the first place? No wonder nobody trusts journalists anymore.

  • Tony

    SMH at suicide watch LOL. I just realized that they have a swimming pool in the living room. Someone on here mentioned that before but I just didn’t wanna believe it was true cause the idea of that was just too horrifying. But in this video they said the indoor pool was just off from the foyer so that has to be the living room area. That’s just awful. And the qualify of this home isn’t worthy of Joe Gorga. Joe Gorga spits on this house. Even he’d put his nose up this hot mess!

  • Tony

    She said it would cost $100,000 per year? i guess she was right when she said she said she wasn’t good with math lol.

  • Mak

    Dang it! Late to the party again,

    All the good comments have been made already. I’ll have to think really hard about this.

  • Mak

    For 19M, I would expect to see some decent landscaping. The lawn out back looks like my (ex) father-in-law’s back 40, where he let the dogs pretty much crap anywhere they wanted.

    They used that fake stone balustrade inside around the second floor landings, and damn it looks so heavy there. Why not just put up a solid wall of brick around instead? Who the hell wants to dust that damn thing?

    Pool in living room. Either someone has a fetish about sex in a pool or they are just really weird ass people. It might have worked if they had a retractable floor over it, but nooo…it’s just a stupid feature that no family with young children would EVER want ever.

    Oh look fancy ass mouldings all over the place, including the places where I wouldn’t want them…like on the wall where artwork is supposed to be displayed. Gone in sixty seconds.

    What I really want to know is who paid off (and how much did they pay)the TV show producers to feature this?

    • Tony

      that dog crap comment was hilarious lol. And as for the pool I think the retractable thing would only work if it were a contemporary mansion and it was like in vegas or something and it was being marketed like the “real world suite” as a party pad for rich college kids to buy or lease or something. and i agree those tv show people are either dumb or paid off lol.

  • mac22

    Seven years in design and one ends up with that? So sad.

    I still cant believe that supposedly well educated people and professional builders and designers sit down and work very hard and end up constructing a pile of crap like this house. How can that happen……….over and over again………all across the country? It leaves me dumbfounded. Are there really so few people in the design profession any longer who cant produce anything greater than this blight on the landscape? Makes the demolition of almost any old home seem all the more tragic.

  • ted

    this house is a fail. it actually makes me sad that they spent 7 years makes me actually sad. the news reporters were annoyingly ignorant. i hate people.

  • george

    Kenny, I’ve followed your blog for quite a while, I’ve never seen this much negitivity towards any other posting. In a very short period of time you’ve had 2 seperate posts on this thing and both have drawn over 20 severly negitive replys. I think whoever owns this thing deserves a trophy for poor taste. Afterall they have awards for worst movies, I think they are called “Razzies”, what do you think?

  • DC Scott

    Drive through porticos are the most unflattering way to do a front entry. It presents itself as a funeral home entrance. The exterior has a very Canadian look, like a suburban mansion in Montreal or Toronto. I am almost never a fan of Canadian design so that is a negative for me, and they sure love to use those oval windows on every single northern New Jersey pseudo-European mansion. Overall it screams cheap and there is no reason at all that should have taken 7 years to construct. I can go out and buy thick crown moldings from Home Depot that sure as heck don’t cost 500k, in fact molding is a very cost efficient way to upgrade the look of a place without a lot of cost. Not buying any of the backstory of this home or its alleged quality.

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