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  • Daniel

    An interesting place but I don’t think I could stand the racket from FDR Drive (granted this is NYC, so if I wanted peace & quiet I’d look elsewhere). Personally I’d much rather have a townhouse on the Upper East Side.

  • Chris

    Eh, nice history to it.

  • Hugh

    Unique location. Very rare for a townhouse to have such a great view.

  • Grrrowler

    I love this place. The history is interesting, but the house itself is beautiful. I even like the interior as-is. A friend used to live on 51st near 1st and the area is a great place to live. I’d actually prefer a townhouse in the Village, but I’d take this. As for the price, I can’t figure out what makes it worth more than four times what was paid for it only four year ago.

    • george

      The reason it’s worth soooooooo much, is the fact that the owner is insane.


    The ask is psychotic…but then again they’re probably playing to new money Russian & Chinese buyers with it.The place is nice enough…but those herringbone floors get ripped out the minute I get the keys.(in theory) I wonder…is that spot where the street level columns are a parking garage? I do get private parking for my 48m…right?

  • Jeff P.

    Gorgeous home and I love this neighborhood. It looks like there are some awesome patios with some breathtaking river views – too bad the listing didn’t feature those more prominently.


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