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  • Daniel

    The last one ain’t bad but it just has so many conflicting design elements. Actually the home in photo 5 looks like my favorite. I’m curious to see what the rooms with the giant windows on the 2nd floor would look like.

    • Kenny Forder

      The home in pic #5 was ugly in person. It’s too symmetrical and too tall.

      • ZigZagBoom

        Symmetrical and tall are not necessarily faults:


        Hideously mis-proportioned windows and bizarre blendings of spanish colonial, art deco, and chateauesque are a recipe for “ugly in person”. That house looks like something that would be painted onto a backdrop for a Gwar concert.

  • matt

    is joe gorga building the last one for him and melissa because this house is a duplicate of there current one in montville

    • Kenny Forder

      I was thinking that when I was standing i front of it today!! Their house is a cheaper, tacky version that’s worth 1/5 of this one lol

      • matt

        its really, really pretty….i wouldnt be surprised if they built a similar house since they are moving to bergen county anyway

  • Oranges

    The last home is absolutely amazing. Was there are builders sign up outside? Hopefully there will be some interior photos soon.

    • Jeff P.

      Came here to say the exact same things you did. 🙂

  • ted

    i love house number 5. and the last house on twin brooks is awesome. way better than the gorga mess.

  • ted

    whats the address of the home in picture 5?

  • Tay

    Number 6 is really nice, my favorite! 6 and 4 could be in CT, the rest are way too Jerseyfied for anywhere else or for my liking hahah…

    • matt

      ok, never say ‘jerseyfied’ again… there are hundreds of mansions in NJ that are gorgeous, and less that are tacky

      • Tay

        Ok, next time I’ll say ‘Jerseylicious’? haha jk. Yeah sorry I am judging, I have dozens of friends in North Jersey and I have seen some dazzling homes there. Although, there is a certain template it seems that a lot of the homes in NJ follow, but that’s just my opinion

  • george

    Kenny, the house to see in Sadddle River is 12 Chestnut Ridge rd .It is 23,706 sq ft on 2 levels, plus basement, attic, garages, pool house etc. It’s on 13.5 acres and looks like classical old money.

    • george

      The sq ft count comes from the tax office so it is real.

    • NOVA Ben

      Can’t see it from the road though, so unless he’s invited, I’d say he won’t be seeing it in person.

  • Tony

    Where’s the interior photos???

  • NOVA Ben

    I’ve always liked the home in pic 4 in bing’s birds eye, but from the ground it’s kind of a mess…too much happening in the roof-line (incidentally, Kenny, I’m surprised you didn’t take any pics of some of the other homes on Alford Drive, there are some nice ones there). Honestly, most of these are run-of-the-mill new-build McMansions, but pic 6 caught my eye. It looks so inviting, I think I’d have to pick it as my favorite. As for the home in the last set of pics, it’s certainly impressive, but I think there’s too much going on stylistically for it to really satisfy me.

  • dan

    the last one is also my favorite. whats the sq footage?
    I love the round window on the entrance porch of the first house.

  • Chris

    I like the one made of bricks, i find it more inviting.
    I feel a bit like the rest is more about feeling oneself mighty than arriving at home. Of course its all about taste, impresions and personality so there’s no right or wrong answer, just one that’s more right for each of us.

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