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  • Daniel

    Well, it looks a little better with the new pics, but it still is overall a very “look at how big I can make rooms” house. It really does have the hotel/convention center vibe to it. It just seems like it would tiring living in this place. Walking across the kitchen a few times would burn a few hundred calories. Rooms that I actually do like include the wine cellar dining area, the theater, and maybe even the indoor pool. The rest looks like it was designed in the early nineties to be used in a Middle Eastern hotel.

  • animegirl

    It’s palacial but the interior looks way to cheap & common to even be worth re-doing let alone its current asking price. Sorry. JMHO 🙂

  • Rodney

    I would like to see floor plans/room dimensions for this place! The kitchen area seems ENORMOUS and not necessarily in a good way either.

  • Grrrowler

    I was looking over these last night and was just shaking my head. The rooms are just too big. They’re not human-scaled; they’re designed to impress people with their size. This seems clearly designed for a very specific type of buyer, probably one from the Middle East; the rooms are sized to hold an entourage and the furniture placement displays a very Middle Eastern aesthetic. That’s fine since those buyers have tons of money, but it doesn’t appeal to me at all. In general, I anything but a fan of the house.

  • Tony

    This house looks a HOT MESS!!!! And it looks really CHEAP!!! The walls look real cheap and the ceilings look cheap. Also the kitchen is not scaled right. LOOKS A HOT MESS!!!

  • Tony

    I wonder if the builders actually read our comments? Anyone think they read em?

    • Daniel

      If they do, I don’t think they give two shits about them. I certainly wouldn’t…

    • Grrrowler

      If they cared what we thought about their work they wouldn’t keep building overpriced piles of crap. And why should they? People keep paying exorbitant prices for their piles of crap, so they build more.

  • Alex

    Ikea built a house??? That’s cute


    Yeah,it’s big beyond reason…and ugly too.The site promoting the home is a hoot as well: Languid “gold digger” music with the abstract beats of the region. Sung in the voice of a late 20 something white girl.Perfectly tailored to appeal to the fetishes of (most) Middle Eastern royalty/oil money.To put a finer point on who the “target market” is…they build the home across from the Beverly Hills Hotel.Owned by the Sultan of Brunei.(not Middle Eastern himself…but oil rich and Muslim) What the pics don’t show-that Google maps does…is that the place sits right alongside a rather high traffic street.It’s pretty close to Sunset Blvd.too. Is this a spec home? Pretty ballsy play if so.

  • Avi

    Rumors are that Tamara Ecclestone (Petra’s sister) toured the house a few weeks ago. She is currently house hunting in America after deciding to move to America permanently.

    The house looks like a huge VIP Lounge. It’s not ugly per say, it’s just too big. I actually like it. (Minus al the wood!)

    • NOVA Ben

      Why the hell does Bernie keep throwing money at them???

      • DR.VEGAS

        He’s trying to buy “reality fame” for the daughters and the wife.That kind of “fame” is as important and as addicting as anything we’ve come to know as “real fame”. If you can’t get it “organically”…you throw money at it.It might actually work too.

  • Sam

    Hot mess is the perfect adjective. His other houses have been very tasteful. He dropped the ball on this one big time. And why build such a taste-specific house at this price point? I will really be shocked if this sells quickly. This would have appealed to some rich, glam rock and roller back in the 80s, but they don’t have those anymore. The house really is a mess. He definitely needs to look overseas for a buyer. Most that would be rich enough to buy it would be up there in age and at that age, they’d start thinking they’ll need to downsize soon. At least, it is on the west coast, so they don’t have to worry about heating bills.

  • ted

    wow. i dont hate the exterior. and i really like the furniture and art pieces.

  • HCK

    I have to disagree with most of the comments here. I find the design of this home very alluring. It looks like a Hollywood home that a Joan Crawford or Elizabeth Taylor or even an older Julia Roberts might live and entertain in. While I agree some of the rooms, like the kitchen, seem oversized, they probably wouldn’t seem as large when filled with a large entourage.

    But seriously, couldn’t you see Brangelina and their brood calling this home?

    • Daniel

      No. This is across the street from the Beverly Hills hotel and it is adjacent to a busy intersection. Not nearly enough privacy for Brangelina. And considering that Julia Roberts is obsessed with ‘Green’ living, I doubt she’d live in something with giant open spaces such as these that probably require several commercial grade air-conditioners to keep it at a livable temperature.

      • Tony

        Plus this house is made of cheap crappy materials with a tinsy bit of quality materials thrown in to make it look like its quality. Sly Stallone even sued Mahommed Hadid for shoddy quality. I think he dropped the ball here. I really suspect that he over spent building Le Belvedere and that is why he made this house so cheap and crappy so he could flip it for a huge gain and make some of the money back that he lost on Le Belvedere. Every inch of Le Belvedere was amazing quality and it was originally priced at over $70 million. And I remember reading that Mohammed spent upwards of $59 million just in construction costs to make the home one of the best in all of Beverly Hills as far as quality. And in the end I think Le Belvedere sold for around $40 million or maybe $50 million. I don’t remember off the top of my head but I think he lost a lot of money. Since then it seems he has been making cheap garbage like the shoddy work he did for Stallone and this crap.

  • NOVA Ben


  • Brian

    For about 10% of the price, I would much rather have this one:

    Granted, it’s not in LA/BH, but it’s in an equally respectable neighborhood, and is actually livable. I suspect total square footage might add up to 30K if you include the outbuildings. No chance of running into Lohan or Cowell at the Shop-Rite, but that could be a plus. Of course, this is apples-to-oranges, but to me, this property is actually worth double Le Palais Mega Mansion…..

    • Jeff P.

      Apples-to-oranges is right on the money, but I agree with your selection. Beautiful house in your link!

  • Chance

    I agree with the general consensus, it’s not horrible but the rooms are to damn large. Cavernous would be the term to use.

  • lambskin

    I don’t even like the indoor pool area-check out the 70s lighting fixture above the pool -same in the kitchen. The masterbath tub with its marble steps is a slippery mess waiting for a broken hip!

  • Marie

    Massive overkill in every way.

  • Erica

    Does this house has available floor plans to look at,so we can get an understanding of the place,everything just seems big and space out.Yes the kitchen is hugeeeeeeeeee.But house is not ugly,I agree the wood is a little to much.

  • guy

    love the front of the house! The rest needs a bulldozer!!! What a mess!
    If someone paid full asking for this mess then they would need to spend the same amount on a psychiatric evaluation……

  • carolina

    Well i love it, is amazing if you are jealous because you are broke that’s different, but this is one of the mega mansions i really love but it was already sold, such a shame!

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