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  • Daniel

    Looks nice. I’ve never heard of Thonotosassa, but it looks like this is the nicest house within a 20 mile radius. Something tells me they overbuilt this, but maybe they were born and raised in this area. I personally would never build something this nice in a no-name town…(glares at the Goldfield’s and Champ D’Or).

    • Kenny Forder

      also Le Reve in Cumming,GA haha

      • Tony

        Kenny just likes saying “cumming” lol

        • Kenny Forder

          Perv! LOL

    • ZigZagBoom

      I’ve never heard this word Thonotosassa before…but I like. It sounds like a combination of ancient Greek and native American.

      • Tony

        I thought Native American when i heard it.

  • lambskin

    With gas prices so high how can an RV seller make so much $$? I predict this place will be up for sale in less time than it took to build it. It is ugly BTW.

    • ZigZagBoom

      Compared to most Florida MegaMansions, it’s really not ugly, although I prefer some of the architect’s other works. They seem to mastered a certain classy take on the Florida Colonial/Southern Vernacular look. AND they have done a lot of commercial projects which probably face more serious architectural scrutiny (i.e., community review boards) and thus require better design chops, than merely having the social connections needed to design “mansions” for the very rich and tasteless.

      • Brian

        Good point. I hadn’t considered that before. It explains why so many “many architects” can be so inept. Thanks for that comment.

  • Chris

    Clearly the owners have a connection to this town. The Penningtons (who built a 30,000 sqft house in Baton Rouge) did the same thing. Usually, thats why houses like this are built where they are built.

  • ted

    wow i actually like the facade of this home, and i usually hate florida mansions.

  • Tony

    Hey Kenny, is it 27,008 or 40,000? I’m confused?

  • marc22

    surprisingly understated and not a bad looking building. A far cry from the RV lifestyle,


    It’s just tough to make a good “design statement” with any home…once it starts to get over 7 to 8,000 sf. (imo) It just looks like you’re repeating angles & theme(s) when you “go big”. That being said…this place is at least not nauseating.

    • ZigZagBoom

      Tough, but not impossible. The largest home in America make a perfectly good (although, maybe not excellent compared to world’s best architecture) “statement”. That, of course, being Biltmore at something like 175,000 square feet. The problem is today’s architects haven’t really studied how to make a house big without making it vulgar, busy, or distended looking.

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