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  • NOVA Ben

    Wow. Just…wow.

    I don’t want to jump the gun, but I’d be willing to bet the interior is horrific. Just a feeling.

    That price is so outside my ability to comprehend…

    • ted

      that was my first thought. if your spending that much money, wouldnt you want to be able to design the interior?

  • Daniel

    So this is *obviously* going to be converted into several townhouses, correct? For the price I’d rather knock on Lakshmi Mittal’s door and offer him double what he paid.

  • Grrrowler

    I’m guessing this is typically Middle Eastern on the inside. 45 bedrooms tells me that it was clearly setup to house an entourage. We can only hope that it’s turned into smaller townhouses.

  • Coon

    Nuts. Its crazy how much the high end has gotten inflated despite a “housing crisis”.

  • Oranges

    Just doing the math here… 68 windows, 45 bedrooms…. that leaves 23 windows (assuming each bedroom has one window?), not to mention the windows are not that spread apart. Hopefully they will release interior photos soon. Anyways, 480 million seems a bit far fetched… doubt it will ever sell.

  • Tony

    Wow, this is an amazing property. I thought it was in Kensington Palace Gardens at first when I read the price. But Hyde Park is an expensive area too. I wasn’t aware of it until it was put on the map after the Candy Brothers made the One Hyde Park building. But apartments in that building go for upwards of $200 million or more so a house of 60,000 square feet in this area is really a trophy property and it looks like it is completely covered in stone as well. I bet the interior is probably amazing. I know there is no grass or gardens or landscaping but it is overlooking the park so there are nice views and this is an ambassadorial type residence and it is in an area that is sorta the equivalent of NYC so there really isn’t gonna be much lawn in an area like this anyway, its pretty much like a town house.

  • Sarah

    Umm.. I don’t know where the window count of 68 came from, I count 118 in the pictures available, and there are clearly more. Even if they were only counting the front, that only has 58 windows.

    Anyway, with millions of dollars of gold leaf on the interior, it is bound to be gaudy.

  • lambskin

    I bet the floors are over done too.

  • Sam

    No ones really mentioned the fact its on a busy road. I could live quite happily in Cornwall Gardens or Belgravia Avenue because they are on quiet narrow streets surrounded by beautiful private gardens. I wouldn’t be surprised if people tried opening the doors thinking it was Harrods or something, for £300 million I would need ALOT of privacy.

  • Philip Arlington

    Apparently it belonged to the late Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia after Harari, so presumably it is his heirs who are selling. It has direct views of Hyde Park but the intervening road is pretty busy.

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