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  • mak

    Another home with an idiotic, make believe “concession stand”.

  • Daniel

    Hmm. Can’t really tell if I like the interior or not, but I’ll just blame that for the odd camera perspectives. I *love* the dining room table and office desk – stunning Art Deco inspired pieces.

  • Grrrowler

    The house tries to work, but fails. The back of the house is horrible and the front is only slightly better. The decor looks like someone tried to copy some rooms they liked from AD, and didn’t know how to carry them off fully.

    And yes, the candy counter in the theater is truly idiotic.

  • Ted

    possibly one of my favorite new jersey homes. i get so tired of the overdone gaudy gold and wraught iron bullshit that every new jersey person builds.

  • marc22

    This home is actually very tasteful and understated considering how bad most New Jersey celebrity homes and sports stars homes can be. Cool interiors with some great furniture, A local NY news show once featured his house and the host walked through the office, trophy room, bedroom closets, master bedroom, etc and they were all elegant and very well done.

    • Robert

      Link please to the news show?? I tried, google, youtube and yahoo…nothing.

  • george

    Finally a house that shows signs of life of childus americanus. By that I mean children are present.From the prospective of little ones this house is a 10. From the prospective of interior decorators and barren bitches a 4. What do you know, a guy lives his life for his wife and kids, not to impress other adults.

  • Chris

    The fact that this house features signs of children is very impressive. Very nice!

  • lambskin

    Is the pool fence removable? See pics 15 and 16. hehe

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