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  • Daniel

    A Bermudan property with a $45 million price tag? House would be at home in Palm Beach or on Jupiter Island.

  • rob

    Extraordinary home with an even more extraordinary price tag. Looks like there are multiple properties on the estate which is quite nice. I like the way the main house sits up on that hill overlooking the Atlantic. House is gorgeous and Bermuda is great but not at this price.

  • Chris

    Nice, but not at that price.

  • lambskin

    I would want waterfront for that price-big pool trying to make up for the lack of beach.

  • andi

    Lambskin, read the listing, IT IS BEACH FRONT PROPERTY. The place has 14 acres. The big picture probably only depicts 5 acres of it at most. Just because the house isn’t forced to be on water line because of a postage sized lot and is situated safely on a hill doesn’t make it any less beach front. Beautiful property worth every penny and then some.

  • andi

    I bet Michael Bloomberg is thinking of buying this. Wow thanks for posting.

  • darcy

    Bloomberg already owns a house in bermuda, and to Lambskin, the home is beachfront and a nice private beach at that.

  • Tina

    As a Bermudian, i have seen alot of different properties in Bermuda.
    This property is one of the best ones, however like most Bermuda properties
    it is overpriced for the value, i can go anywhere else in the world and get more
    for my money. Update this property, put it on a private island with it’s own private beach and boathouse and dock for my yacht. Then we can talk business. If i were to buy this property i would like privacy, not with neighbourhoods, on either side of me, looking down my mouth. At this day and age most people even the rich are looking for more bang for their buck.
    Overall not a bad property, just a little over priced.

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