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  • Daniel

    Hate hate hate hate hate these HDR photos.

    • Kenny Forder

      Yeah, they’re a little too much, you can tell by the kitchen photo. However, you can’t disagree that it’s quality craftsmanship, right? =P Not your typical $7 million cookie cutter mansion.

      • ZigZagBoom

        I agree. It is not my personal style, but it’s got a high quality look to it. I love the stone arch over the front entrance. There’s a consistent stylistic agreement between the exterior and interior.

        Of course I have the issues you’d expect me to have with so many trees being planted close to the house. It’s nice enough looking that some little subshrubs < 3' high is all they should need. I'm pretty sure but I think picture #3 is just the view of the front from the interior of the courtyard? If so and the courtyards in picture #2 needed shade, I'd rather have had a pergola with a grapevine than those trees sticking out. Better shade, too.

  • DC Scott

    I’ve come to the conclusion smaller towns and cities in this country have better quality homes than the coasts. I think it all comes down to cost. Cost of labor. Cost of materials. etc. I moved to Missouri from Maryland and I can tell you a custom home in the Ozark Mountains outshines a DC ‘luxury’ home in most cases. We also are not afraid to use natural woodwork (white never works as well on this style IMO.) You can really see the quality in the dining room. Gorgeous. I hate to admit it but I even like the ‘floating’ staircase.

  • Grrrowler

    I think this is pretty nice. The outside looks good and the grounds look nice. I think that even without furnishings the interior is off to a good start. I appreciate that the theme began on the outside was carried over to the inside, as opposed some generic Home Depot molding and plain drywall. I don’t like the balcony overlooking the living room(?) space, but that’s never a favorite feature of mine. At least in this house it looks like it belongs. I particularly like the kitchen; the cabinetry is ornate and detailed without being foofoo (the layout is pretty good too).

    As for the price, it does seem to be the most expensive house on the market in Albuquerque, by exactly double. Even though I wouldn’t want to live there full time, I actually like Albuquerque and the areas around it. But, I don’t think I’d want to pay double the price of the next most expensive house to be there.

    • DC Scott

      This house will be on the market a long time in a market like that with a series of price adjustments before it sells for around $2 mil. I did a double take at that big price tag myself. I could see it in Santa Fe or Taos going for closer to this price though.

  • lambskin

    Would love to see the pool. Beautiful house.

  • Marie

    Nice looking house.

  • ted

    not my style at all, but it is put together very well.

  • NOVA Ben

    Great, so I wonder what the house really looks like? Photos like this piss me off.

  • rob

    Like the house and like the Spanish style detailing. There is no one in Albuquerque who has seven million. This is so far out of Albuquerque’s league. I am a fan of the Southwest but there are a few places no one would want to live if they had a choice and Albuquerque is one of them. It is high crime and high alcoholic quotient. Dusty and hot and unfriendly. That being said, if this ever sells it will go to some Mexican Don or Dona.

    • rob

      PS. I wouldn’t be surprised if the cabinetry was actually made by hand in Mexico. It is a pretty easy hop down to the border from Albuquerque.

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