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  • Grrrowler

    I actually like this. First off I like that it’s not too big; it’s possible to have a beautiful and elegant house in less than 30,000 square feet. The price isn’t bad for unrestricted waterfront either. The interior is a little staged looking, but it looks complete, unlike so many, and does look fairly comfortable.

  • Daniel

    I have loved this house since the first time it was on the market. The exterior is a nice twist to Mediterranean and throws in some Florida contemporary elements in for good measure – Finally a home that isn’t the ubiquitous yellow/cream with a terra cotta colored roof. I love the interior as-is. The furniture and design, although a little monochromatic, is beautiful. Elegant without being gaudy or pretentious. Looks extremely comfortable.

    Sadly, this home hasn’t been able to sell at this price for years. The Sanctuary is a prestigious community, but I don’t think it’s nearly as family friendly as Royal Palm Yacht & CC, which is the other community where people who want to live in Boca, on the water, and in a secured environment would look. The Sanctuary is very much like a heavily guarded fort, with roving security, heavily armed guards and water patrols. While it’s safe, I don’t think I’d feel as comfortable as living in Royal Palm. Additionally, the lots in the Sanctuary are generally smaller and very oddly shaped in some cases. Docking a boat in some of these waterfront homes looks like a burden.

    Overall it is a great home, but it just needs to find the right type of person/family that would want to live in this type of community.


    It’s on the right side of the line where “Attractive Custom Home” meets “McMansion”. More the former than the latter. With Daniel about all that “security theater” on display.Still…if you’re gonna do the Boca lifestyle-you wanna be on the ICW in pad like this.

    • DR.VEGAS

      Wonder if the neighbors would be okay with my 43′ Donzi ?

  • Jeff P.

    Beautiful home, but something about it tells me that some professional athlete will buy it, hang Scarface posters and trash it up with sports memorabilia on every wall, and it will be just a tragedy.

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