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  • Daniel


  • NOVA Ben

    Funny how almost every London townhome we see is so lackluster, and almost every Parisian townhome we see is breathtaking. This continues the tradition.

  • Grrrowler

    This is truly beautiful. I’d so rather have this than any of the horrible new-build “European” style houses we see so much of.

  • tony

    Nice, but overpriced. I see it dropping to $27,781,283. or even $27,781,279.

  • Brian

    At $27,750,000 it’s virtually a steal. Maybe I can get a zero-down mortgage over there. And perhaps I should renew my attempts to learn French.

  • Tigurinn

    I really don’t think that all these pictures are from the same house – pictures 5, 6 and 7 can’t be from the beautiful house that is seen in pictures 1-4 and 8; but heck picture 7 is okay-ish.

  • ZigZagBoom

    Wow! They aren’t making any more of these!
    Only mystery to me is the sense we are only seeing one side of it. Is it the back (I think) or the front? There are a couple more pictures in the rather-sad-for-27-million “video”, but they do not answer this question.

  • marc22

    Beautiful. As authentic as they come.

    Now if only the U.S. builders of mega-mansions could take some lessons instead of creating the horribly bloated and taste challenged disasters they construct all over this country. Its not hard. Look, learn and copy of you have to.

    Photo 5 is a great renovated space, maybe the old scullery or kitchen area, Photo 7 is a necessary contemporary bath suite for 21st century living and 6 is probably a renovated basement or former service spaces which have been re-purposed for todays living. The bones and historic charm of the home inside and out appears intact. Fantastic

    Love how the French treasure and respect their heritage.

  • lambskin

    Not a fan of pic #5 room. But hey, I can live with that -when can I move in?!

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