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  • Daniel

    If I wasn’t half asleep I’d write another damn story for this place. Willy Wonka would be scared of the tackiness of this place.

  • Chance

    Eww. Vegas is a fun place to party, but that’s about all it has to offer. For the record, *IF* I wanted a house in Vegas, I’d take Floyd Mayweathers.


  • NOVA Ben

    My eyes have been raped.

  • Grrrowler

    I wanna know exactly what part of Europe inspired this. There’s very little that reminds me of Europe here. The Parisian sewers? No, they’re more tasteful than this. Maybe the Pope’s private residence was the inspiration; any man who wears a dress and pointy hat, and rides around in a glass display case, might find this appealing.

    Yes, this is heinous but it’s actually entertaining to look at this disaster that tries to pass for a house. I would love to tour the house simply for the hours worth of laughs.

    What’s truly frightening is that this is probably someone’s idea of a dream house. As has been said here many times, having money does not equal having taste or class.

    • george

      Your comment about the Pope was not appreciated.

      • Tigurinn

        It was for me

      • A.K

        It was for me as well!

    • mak

      I laughed out loud at the pope comment! Drives around in a “glass display case”! bwahahahah!

      • NOVA Ben

        I mean, that’s what it is, is it not?

  • rob

    I like it. This guy went over the top and then decided that wasn’t far enough and just kept going. This is insane. This would be a lot of fun to ramble around in until you lost your mind.

  • Marie

    Kenny your summation of this atrocity is perfect. Yuck to the max!

  • marc22

    Oh come on people. If there is one place in the world where this type of tasteless gaudy excess should be allowed and even encouraged is Las Vegas. They obviously used the same interior design firm that has worked on a few casinos in their day. I’d say the design is location appropriate.

  • John L.

    Without a doubt, this is the absolute worst I have ever seen, anywhere! It is unspeakably hideous. Truly, there are no words to describe it adequately.

    The owners must be color-blind, if not completely blind.

  • mak

    I’m totally LOVIN this place. Can you imagine the crazy gettin-your-freak-on parties this place could have? Holy SHIT! It would be A.W.E.S.O.M.E! I would have a field day with this place.

    Ok picture this: You invite a whole bunch of peeps over. Sprinkle in a busload of drag queens and some hipsters, a couple of pro sports faces, a handful of SWM republicans from Utah, a trio of loud BBW’s and what FUN you could have!

    OMG IT HAS a THRONE! The bondage parties would be UNBELIEVABLE!

    I am completely serious. This place has party potential like no other!

    • rob

      Don’t forget the meth…….for god’s sake, don’t forget the meth!!

      • mak

        Oh shit you’re right! We would have a meth station out in the middle of that koi pond! Then you could sit and watch the fish change into monsters!

        (or your mother in law)

    • Grrrowler

      All this time I was thinking you were some sort of arbiter of taste and style, and you’re really a dark horse.

      • mak

        Growing up in Fairfield County gave me the ability to have and appreciate both. 😉


    There is some tasteful residential architecture in Las Vegas…there really is! NO I’M NOT BEING DEFENSIVE!!!

    • mak

      Okok…calm down…we believe you (heheh…yea…right)

    • marc22

      I know there is a tasteful place on Maple Street, one on Pine Vista and a third on Mountain Crest Drive, There, Satisfied now? I just accounted for all of the tasteful homes in the greater Vegas city limits on my one hand.

      But seriously this place is repulsively, garishly marvelous. A show stopper of bad taste to the max. I would make it a museum.

  • Chris

    My eyes! My eyes!

  • BJ

    This pad has changed a lot since built. It was originally built and owned by Charles Johnson, who rode the dot com boom with his company PurchasePro. One of the many hero to zero bankrupt busts in the Vegas scene, with a touch of fraud and court time thrown in for good measure. Now in the hands of the Kaufman (Abe and his son(?)Michael) trusts (who also own a nice pad at 716 N Palm Drive in Beverly Hills, down the street from the Semel (Yahoo! dude) house, which I believe you featured a while back…) I can only imagine how this place went from a $3M-$6M value to a $22M ask…’cause that decor isn’t gonna do it, kids.

  • george

    The only thing that makes any sense to me, is that the designer was trying to get a slot on some Bravo network TV show, and wanted to design something like this in order to be noticed.Sometimes bad is more memorable than good.

  • NOVA Ben

    This entire comment stream is part of the reason I love this site. 🙂

  • Bella

    Unbelievably gaudy!

  • Ted

    i’ve never seen a vegas home that i’ve liked.

  • PJ

    This house is committing unspeakable sins against good taste, eyesight, nature, and even God himself. “Gaud,” on the other hand, approves

  • Mark

    Before seeing this, who would have thought there were 22,500,000 ways to say TACKY.

  • elaine

    As an interior designer, I can say that this home was obviously designed to look like the interiors of the casinos in Vegas. If that was the intent, the design is successful. The owner decides what he wants and the designer puts it in place. Personally, although it is undoubtedly gaudy and over the top, I rather like it for what and where it is.

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