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  • Daniel

    It looks like they were going for that old money, Greenwich manor feel. What they ended up building is a standard home that would normally be clad in siding but instead it had stone glued on it. The garage portion of the home is what totally makes this looks like any other home for a tenth of the asking price. The marble floors are terrible. The rest of the home looks very tired and simultaneously very cold. Looks a whole lot older than 2 years, and not in a good way.

  • ZigZagBoom

    Agree with Daniel. This misfires on so many levels…that entrance archway is entirely out of scale, it belongs on a facade that is 60% larger. The variation in stone hues is too distracting for rectangular cuts. It does look like a cookie cutter design that someone tried to “pimp up” if I may use a vulgar Americanism. I guess if I had to find some positives, I could find a couple: the dormers are not too big, and at least the stone is carried around to the rear elevation.

    I normally don’t comment on interiors…but…whoa. Someone who’s more into them is going to have a field day with this one, I suspect. It’s sort of like…Second Empire Victorian combined with coldness of a late 1980s Manhattan corporate executive’s office, a gaudy dash of 1920s New Orleans brothel, and perhaps a bit of Kubrickian Milkbar for good measure. That dining room paneling may or may not be historically patterned, but it’s some of the ugliest I’ve ever seen. I just can’t fathom what they were trying to achieve. It’s like a Hollywood set for a reboot of Pretty Baby – which isn’t something I’d be interested in watching.

    • mak

      Kubrickian Milkbar. Kubrickian Milkbar. Kubrickian Milkbar.

      Go ahead. Try to say it three times, really fast.

      • ZigZagBoom

        Imagine if I’d used the complete name for it, which was Korova Milkbar.

        Kubrickian Korova Milkbar
        Kubrickian Korova Milkbar
        Kubrickian Korova Milkbar

        • mak

          heh…it’s A Clockwork Orange reference, right? You don’t see those that often anymore. Old schoolin it, huh…

          Love your comments by the way. 😉

  • JFW

    Two-story entry, check.
    Outdor kitchen, check.
    Dining Room that’s never used, check.
    Screening room that’s rarely used, check
    “Pub” that junior used for rad grad party, check.
    Wine Cellar that owner hired someone to prop, check…
    yep, this mcmansion has it all!

  • Grrrowler

    I give them points for trying, but it’s a major fail. The front facade is completely off balance and the stone does look like an afterthought. Inside, there are actually some interesting individual design elements, but they’re used in such competing styles that overall it’s a mess. It’s also remarkably impersonal; do these people have something against art on the walls? The formal living room is an utter disaster, that might be fixed by moving walls and the fireplace. With the kliege lights used for the photos not there to illuminate it, the kitchen looks like it will have all the warmth and charm of coal mine. The second island is also a bad choice; it seems like its sole purpose is to fill floor space. The dining room looks like a leftover stage set for “And Then There There Were None”. At least the banquettes in the “lounge” look like a nice place to pass out after doing the latest designer drugs with one’s friends.

    • mak

      How many? (points that is)…I wouldn’t give me more then, say, point oh five.

      • Grrrowler

        I was thinking two or three, out of 100, so not many…

  • lambskin

    Lousy photo quality too.

  • BJ

    A ten times more stunning home next door sold for over half the ask of this one (something less than $4.5M) http://www.laffey.com/Property/NY/11545/Old_Brookville/5_Evergreen_Way

    This home is not only fugly like others have mentioned, it is insanely overpriced. Of course, the fancy drive, golf hole, pool, and sport court are going to be used to defend the price, but they don’t total $5M even if that were a sport court outlined with silver bars, the pool full of Moet, and the golf green watered with the tears of a unicorn.

    All I can say is that to put this house on the market in a developing neighborhood where you are asking double the money is 2 cards short of a full deck.

    • Grrrowler

      I don’t like the house next door any better, but for less than half it was the better bargain. And, where can I get a sprinkler system that uses unicorn tears? I REALLY want one of those!

      • BJ

        It is a little known secret told to me by Burgess Meredith, but on the night of the full moon, the unicorn is led to the grassy area, where a chorus of midgets dressed in panda costumes sing terribly sad songs and play the pan flute to make the unicorn cry. Voila, greenest grass evah. Very very exclusive but an emerging market in the Hamptons, from what I hear.

    • ZigZagBoom

      Pool full of Moet? Don’t give Petra Ecclestone any ideas!

  • ZigZagBoom

    Here’s a nearby reminder of a bygone era when the rich had good taste: http://www.laffey.com/Property/NY/11545/Old_Brookville/874_Cedar_Swamp_Rd

    • Grrrowler

      That’s like comparing Lindsey Lohan to Audrey Hepburn.

      • Daniel

        Or Lindsay to Liz Taylor…

  • george

    By the start of this coming spring the asking price will be $6,500,000.00 .

  • DC Scott

    I’m truly shocked this was built in 2010…the whole feel of the interior is very 1987-1992. The dark cabinetry and trim color is very dated, as is the marble or granite entry. The east coast seems to be about a decade or two behind the rest of the country in style, heck they just stopped using brass fixtures and laminate counters in the DC area tract homes.

  • Chris

    just ugh

  • personal knowledge

    Not even near the hamptons, an hour away. Owner arrested for overbilling huge Citadel hedge fund for construction costs per NY Times article. Home is pictured in article from 6 mos ago. Home and land cost about $4.5MM.

  • knowledge
  • NYBuilder

    There is no consistency in any of the rooms, just another self loathing, white collar criminal that wasn’t happy enough with the millions he probably already made, he had to steal another million to build this monstrosity of a home. It looks as if it should be on a show ” When construction attacks”. He was a contractor???? SERIOUSLY??? If I built a house like this, I would have to close my company doors out of principal. He obviously didn’t have a great eye for building if he built this place. Another person that robbed an investment firm to indulge his lifestyle. Can’t imagine what the next house he will live in will look like (A JAIL CELL) and as for the $11 mil. pricetag, is that a joke? Must owe millions in fines and lawyers and needs to unload this awful structure to pay back his debt. Is the house being lived in now? Looks like a COLD place to live. Anyone that has the audacity to do what he did and then price this house WAY out of market value, has a lot of issues, including some criminal obviously. I wonder if this place actually sells and for what price.

    • NYBuilder

      It is contractors like this and the many others who have been indicted over the last few years that give a bad name to the honest, hard-working builders all over the country. There is a reason licenses are required in most states to be a contractor, NY is the one state that lacks this and maybe a little more regulation would deter these criminals from continuing to perform in this manner.


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