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  • george

    #’s 2 and 6 are among the most beautiful homes I have ever seen.

  • Jeff

    Do you have any photos of the interior of #2?

  • Daniel

    Magnificent. I wouldn’t mind calling any of the above home. The interior of #5 is jaw-droppingly beautiful – insanely opulent but comfortable.

    The only thing is, why would you name your firm after a skin condition?

    • Grrrowler

      I thought the same thing regarding the name. It’s either that or an island chain in the Bahamas.

    • marc22

      Ummm, on the website the founders name is Jim Xhema.

  • Grrrowler

    Some nice work there. Of the houses shown here, I really like numbers 4, 5, and 6 the best. House #6 has an awesome master bathroom. On their web site, I’m in f*&king love with the Gramercy Park townhouse. The 5th Ave co-op ain’t bad either.

  • Tay

    Camuto’s estate(5) is located at the end of Chateau Ridge Rd, Greenwich CT.

    • mak

      Thanks Tay. It is truly spectacular.

  • Cam M

    Does anyone know where # 2 is? I really really love this house!

    • george

      622 Indian Field rd, Greenwich Ct. The house is on 3.6 acres and is 18,437 sq ft on the 1st and second floors. Basement extra.

  • marc22

    All of these put most of the Beverly Hills gargantuan, but poorly designed residences recently shown to shame. Some are quite spectacular and may become future classics themselves. Great work.

  • lambskin

    I love #2 and #5.

  • A.K

    #2 is stunning

  • Wanker


    You are starting to cheapen this site with all these builder ‘advertisements’ . Although the homes from their sites are always enjoyable to look at, please maintain your orginal format …it was working great !


    Not really into the “classic big box” thing.I do however like their townhouse portfolio.

  • Kyle

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Vince Camuto’s home (#5). Are there any more pictures of it? The website only gives four.

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