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  • Chance

    The style of house they do isn’t really my taste, but if it was I’d get them to build it. Really nice work.

  • Daniel

    Not as beautiful as the Xhema homes, but still very nice. 5 isn’t that great though – incredibly awkward front entrance.

  • lambskin

    I love #3-timeless.

  • mac22

    Well done big, but comfortable, less formal homes than the Xhema homes, but appear to be just as well executed.

  • Tay

    14 Meadow Ln. sold last year for $32.5. Definitely one of my favorite in town. Home number 5 was featured on this site last year too when the satellite image was updated as a newly built mega mansion.
    I don’t really like number 5 that much either, it could be amazing but a few elements dont agree with me.. but when you’re commissioned to design a home for the client. It’s usually not 100% your design, so can’t blame the architect. Def worth that payday though haha! 🙂

  • JFW

    Very bad dormer design and awkward pedimented entry.

  • richvanc

    Well of course my fav. is #4. I’m a sucker for that style! Then again I would take (almost) any of them on a dare! * i know, richard’s dreaming again*
    I hear the Economy is now in a “Death Spiral”so I don’t suppose any of us HOTR readers will ever get to actually LIVE in any of these homes!
    p.s. it’s my birthday today. thanks 😉

  • A.K

    Not my taste, but man the first home blew me away!

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