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  • Brian

    Although the individual mansions appear to have some merit, the overall site plan is horrific. The way the mansions are sited essentially destroys any sense of elegance they might have achieved. Since land can’t be THAT expensive, given the vast undeveloped acreage, this obviously reflects pure greed rather than land scarcity. What a joke…. Or just maybe – this price level is now considered middle class housing in Beijing????

  • george

    Maybe the security concerns over came the desire for privacy. A gate guarded community with machine guns at the gatehouse.

  • Al Robinson

    Now if that ain’t the god-damn weirdest fucking thing I’ve ever seen!! It’s like a cult.

    But, it’s also really fucking interesting and cool. Of course, they are a communist country, so everything should be the same. 😉

  • rob

    This is truly strange. It reminds me a little bit of the forbidden city. Not in any classical sense but in the sense of crowding the upper class into a small gated compound. I wonder if this has anything to do with the Chinese being used to being crowded on top of each other. When I was in China I was considered a selfish jerk because I did not want to share my bed with people I barely knew. This may be a truly interesting yet bizarre place to live. I bet all the neighbors end up acting like one little inbred family. But a family with a huge amount of money.

    • Andrew

      I would hardly call the Forbidden City a “small” gated compound…

  • Daniel

    Pretty creepy. Reminds me of the Palm Islands in Dubai without the glamour(?).

  • J.Danny.McNamara

    Very scary looking. One of the houses is like 5 feet from that huge clubhouse thing. The architecture is kind of like the Pelicans in Newport Coast.

  • Grrrowler

    The Chinese version of Western elegance and style. As is typical when they try to interpret something like that, they got it wrong in some serious ways.

  • architect121

    I hate how they are all identical. And the Chinese seem to like themed developments for the upper class. I read somewhere that they have a Paris themed neighborhood, complete with it’s own Eiffel Tower.

  • Mak

    Just plain weird.

  • marc22

    While too early to tell, some of the buildings look like they have promise and the overall size and proportions of teh individual homes could turn out well, but crowding them all on top of each other will kill any sene of quality in the development. (Also land is extremely costly in China despite the vast land mass and the population has no problem with density like this) The development looks like a classical worlds fair exhibition or a Las Vegas high roller grouping of townhomes.

    Also the Chinese do favor themed developments and many high ended properties looking like they fell from the sky directly from an American suburb with classic center hall colonials, farhouses with wrap around porches and french mansard roofed ranches, etc. With a cultural past that is entrenched in courtyard dwellings and spectacular internal gardens built in small spaces, it is almost shocking that the wealthy clients do not build more traditional styled courtyard homes as the wealthy of the previous generations did.

    I would however wait and judge this place after it is completely finished.

    • Chris

      I agree 100%

  • NOVA Ben

    “little boxes on a hillside…”

  • Coon

    I’d heard from an architect friend that this kinda stuff was going on all over China. Now I believe!

  • Tony

    Those houses are way too close together for mega mansions. This is a HOT MESS!!!!

  • Tony

    Also all those homes look exactly the same. This a HOT ASS MESS!!!

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