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  • Chance

    When you said you were gonna post about a 50,000 sq.ft house in Utah I thought to myself, “It’s gonna be horrible”. I was right.

  • Daniel

    So this is the new Utah location of the Seminole Casino, correct?

  • Nightmoves

    It’s amazing how many of these houses belong to people who build them and then put them up for sale within a few years of building them.

  • mark

    idk i love it

  • Ted

    i hate everything except the indoor pool. that is AWESOME.

  • Grrrowler

    Why is it that so many of the people who build these monstrous houses seem to have no taste whatsoever? The interior of this is so bad as to be almost vomit-inducing. The exterior could easily pass for a mid-grade retirement home. The front gates are probably some of the tackiest I’ve ever seen. This just proves my mantra that a smaller tasteful house will always win over sheer size.

  • marc22

    Yeah, one need not look any further than those tacky gates to know what lies beyond. I also dont get when people supposedly build their dream homes and then flip the place in a few short years. Maybe even they realize they built a hideous eyesore of bad taste and want to get out fast?

    What a waste of resources plus it ruins a beautiful view of the mountains behind it.

  • george

    Remove all the furniture, bomb the front gate, see a shrink because of nightmares about the animal morgue room, and imagine it’s beach front land in Florida-about 2800 miles from the water- and you have a good start to a home. Oh, have a real good decorator on retainer.

    • Daniel

      Easier to just buy a few more bombs and let them loose in the house. Then take the money you’ve saved on a shrink and decorator and fly to Florida.

      • george

        Once again Sir, you are correct.

  • Al Robinson

    If anyone is trying to find it in Google Earth, it is located at:

    40°14’22.04″N 111°27’24.53″W

    The address just doesn’t compute.

    As for the house itself, DAMN! That place is massive. Pretty nice also.

    • Al Robinson

      The back of the home reminds me of “Evans Ridge” in Colorado.

  • Randy

    My Russian friend looked at this and he said the front gates were very very tacky …..ha, coming from a Russian, that’s pretty bad !

  • Chris

    WOW, too much gold. It makes russian homes look un tacky lol.

  • lambskin

    This has to be one of the worst interiors. They should sell it sans furniture. What cracks me up is it looks like the owners took or sold ‘the good stuff’ ie carpets and other pieces of furniture before they fled. One wonders what THAT stuff looked like.OMG!

  • Don

    There are some way nicer looking houses on Hobble Knobble Lower Creek North Fork Road.

  • Dunwoody

    Why have a compound of buildings when you can fit everything under one, big, hideous roof?

  • harold

    I’m confused, how can so many brilliant ceo’s with MBA’s decide to build brand new massive estates in far away lands and expect to get upwards of $500 a sqft, I would say that 90% of them are going to end up in bankrupcty or in jail from embezzelment,

    correct me if I am wrong but before the real estate explosion of 2003, 10 bucks a sqft was the standard in areas of the far away lands,

    the rich / uber rich want to live in 6 areas in the USA,

    NYC, LA, SF, Chicago, Miami and Palm Beach,

    • sindicator

      Tom Mower owns this house… and has been to jail…. took 4 years to build and has over 2 million in just home automation/theater alone…

  • harold

    not utah, new jersey or any of the other 43 states, where the prices per sqft should be dropping back to 10 bucks in a year or two,

  • Evan

    If someone bought this house they would have to add another $10mil to re do the hole interior, The house looks good outside except the front gate the inside is a pice of crap except the pool. You would have to gut the entire house is start fresh with a shell to fix up this place. Im sure if someone wanted to spend the money to fix up the place it would be beautiful.

  • Taylor

    It does not surprise me that Tom Mower built such a hideous house. The man is a thief and a criminal. I was an associate with his MLM company several years ago. He ripped me off and stole many thousands of dollars from me. He has already spent time in prison for tax evasion. I take comfort knowing that he will get his in the end. The man has no morals. I’m surprised that no one has taken him out.

  • Tate Bákôch

    This house is absolutly hideous. The architect must be blind…..

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