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  • Geoffrey


    Beautiful home. Views are great and layout is captivating. I'm guessing im probably going to be alone in this one though?

    • Kenny Forder

      Not alone! I love it. The indoor/outdoor spaces are quite nice. I like how the kitchen has overhead windows; it lets a lot of light come in. One thing I do not like is the staircase in picture #3. The coolest feature is definitely the atrium in the master suite! Imagine waking up in the morning and looking into that.

  • A.K

    Can’t complain, really good looking! Though for $38m I would prefer a grander Mediterranean Mansion.

    • Kenny Forder

      Ditto 😉

  • Chance

    It’s nice, no doubt about that, but he won’t get $38 million for it. Just looking at the numbers, it’s 2/3 the size of the $47 million house that just sold, and is on a smaller lot in a less exclusive area. I say it will sell for about $25-$28 million.

  • Daniel

    It’s not bad. I would have preferred to see more lacquered finishes here and there with Art Deco furnishings. I’m not going to speculate and say it’s overpriced because the Miami market has surprised me more than once recently.

  • John A.

    Who was the architect?

  • mak

    I’m not into this. I don’t feel it has any personality. Perhaps it’s just the furnishings, but it seems quite empty of feeling.

    • Marie

      I feel the same way.

    • NOVA Ben

      Me three.

  • Hunter

    Very sleek and cool..Yes a little empty, however that’s the style and it’s great. Modern, chic, totally Miami 2012..I too though, would rather have an old style mansion..but I’d take this no problem.

  • C

    I think $24m includeds the cost of the lot. It does not cost $24m to build a 20k sq.ft. house in Miami. just saying

  • C

    The same building built that HUGE house on LaGorce island that sold for like $16.5m and was the same size.

  • Chris

    Its very Miami. Modern and chic, but its not my personal style. Still it looks great.

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  • Joseph T

    I love the outside areas. The bar/bbq area next to the pool, the outdoor covered sitting area with the fireplace, as well as the Green walls. The room where the batting cage is can be turned into a phenomenal crossfit box style gym for any non baseball player. I think the interior is a little on the safe side but it’s nothing that can’t be changed easily, however I don’t see this selling for anything over $23 million.

  • andymadrid

    The guy has good taste. I wonder what his next project will be?

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