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  • Daniel

    Eh. The exterior isn’t bad but it’s missing something. Either needs a contrasting color, or stone, or something around the windows. Interior is stale. The setting looks nice.

  • Grrrowler

    I must admit that even though it’s not my style, I quite like this. I think the exterior is very successful and has a sense or permanence about it. The interior is actually nicely detailed in many of the rooms. It also looks like it’s designed to be more of a home than a showplace. The kitchen isn’t great and I hate the bar but with some updating it could look beautiful for another couple of dozen years.

  • NOVA Ben

    I thought this was a beautiful home in need of some updating inside. The exterior is fabulous, it’s a timeless design that’ll never age. I do see what Daniel refers to as “missing something”, but I also think it’s appealing how simple and elegant the exterior is. Some shutters wouldn’t be a step in the wrong direction, though.

    The interior isn’t as outdated at it appears on first blush. I have a problem with the frumpy furnishings (not a problem as they’ll leave with the current owners) and with most of the frilly wallpaper. With the paper gone and some decent furniture, the interior will be stunning. Gutting the kitchen will also be a requirement, but once these things are done I think the inside will be as beautiful as the outside.

  • george

    Just two words……..OLD…..MONEY.

    • mak

      Three words: MOULDY OLD MONEY

      • rob

        Four words: MOULDY IS SPELLED MOLDY

        • jeff

          The British spelln it mouldy

        • jeff

          The British spell it mouldy. For example behaviour, favour, etc

  • Sean

    did they run out of money for the driveway?

    • NOVA Ben

      Come on, you can’t honestly tell me a simple gravel driveway isn’t a refreshing break from all the overdone drives we see on this site…besides, it suits the architectural style, and the feel of the area in general.

  • rob

    Very stately. What is the story on this place? I am going to go with George and say old money. I notice you cannot get birdseye on Bing, even though this is just outside Washington. I also notice a couple of other massive estates in the area. This house belongs to some heavy hitter who likes his privacy. Obviously connected to the government in some way. This house would bore me pretty quickly but it would probably be a nice place to have some weekend meetings away from the prying eyes of the press and the public. Perfectly elegant house, very staid and formal exterior.

    • rob

      I see I was correct. This place was built by the Chef Boyardee heir. A family which has long been known to have ladles in many pots.


      • NOVA Ben

        I see what you did there

      • Grrrowler

        That article explains the picture of the yacht on the wall in the foyer, which is the 110′ Summer Love. I could identify the boat but never knew who owned it until now.

        • ZigZagBoom

          Second generation counts as old money in these United States!

  • Chris

    I like it very much. Refined and tasteful. Definitely old money.

  • marc22

    Classic, elegant and as had been said timeless. The home will age very well inside and out. Furnishings and paint colors come and go with the owners, but this home, in this gorgeous waterfront setting is a real beauty.

  • T. Howell 3rd

    I’ve actually driven by this house. I would pave the drive, add an elaborate fountain in the motor court, a smaller fountain in the U shaped area on the side, redecorate the interior and GUT the kitchen. I’d also buy back some of the land that has been sold off in the 6 years that this house has been on the market and add a large carriage house with apartment above.


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