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  • Daniel

    Waaaaay too dark. Reminds me of a Cracker Barrel inside. Exterior looks smushed. Photo 2 really brings out the ugliness of the place. This seems expensive for what it is.

  • mak

    I’ve always wondered how practical the driveway passthrough’s that are seen on so many homes these days actually are. They aren’t porta cochere’s in the traditional sense, and homes with garages located near the kitchen reduce the necessity of them.

    In this house, what is the room to the left of the opening used for? Wouldn’t it be a pita to have to cross over upstairs and then decend down into it, or alternately, cross outside to it? If it’s a garage, then wouldn’t it make it even more inconvenient?

    I dunno. Thoughts?

    • Daniel

      Can’t really tell considering there is no birds-eye view, but I’m guessing it’s additional garages. Perhaps they split it 3 built in the house and 3 on the other side of the porte cochere.

    • NOVA Ben

      I see your point, but in some floor plans I’ve seen of homes looking similar to this one, the “awkward” portion on the opposite side of the pass-through from the house is usually additional garage space. The space above is usually some sort of guest/in-law apartment (bedroom, bathroom and sometimes kitchenette) that is sometimes accessible from the main house (in the form of finished space above the pass-through) or is separate, and is accessed from stairs from the detached part of the garage. Alternatively, in parts of the country where basements are not common, we’ve seen home theaters or exercise rooms in that space as well.

      • mak

        If it’s additional garage space, then doesn’t one have to either go up a set of stairs to the room above and then cross over, or go outside and then back inside to get to the main part of the house? I guess if you have cars that aren’t driven year then it might not be so bad, but having to do either one for a car that’s a daily driver might be a real pain.

        I guess it is really to make the house seem more fortress or castle like, rather than any real need.

        • NOVA Ben

          That’s true, none of these type of garage layouts are done purely for functional purposes, usually it’s to make it look like you said, fortress or castle-like. If I had a house with this type of garage layout, I’d want the doors to be located under the pass-through, so at least you’re sheltered from the elements and only have to be outside for a few seconds.

  • Hunter

    I like this pad. I’d happily live there, and if you didn’t like it, I wouldn’t give a hoot. The reason it looks “smooshed” is the picture..go look at a full picture, proper size, you’ll see how big this place is.

    • NOVA Ben

      He’s probably referring to smooshed proportions, not picture quality. The home does seem to cram a lot of “action” into a space that’s too small for all of it (angles, rooflines, etc.).

  • NOVA Ben

    The facade is uber-busy, and there’s not enough variation in color between the different building materials. And as Daniel said, inside is waaaay too dark and the price very expensive.

  • Chris

    No, I don’t like it at all


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