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  • Hunter

    WOW!! Lots of money, but unreal views and you feel like you live on top of the world!! How cool!!

    • Kenny Forder

      Yes, AMAZING views, but for that money it should be twice the size and have a rooftop/indoor swimming pool 😉

      • Hunter

        Yeah for sure. I wouldn’t shell out 100 million for it. Need at least 20,000 sq feet, pool and rooftop terrace/garden. Heck, for 100 million I’d rather buy a huge estate somewhere.

        • Kenny Forder

          Just think, you could probably buy both Mohamed Hadid’s Le Palais in Beverly Hills, CA and the Stone Mansion in Alpine, NJ for $100 million. (listed at $114 together, but could most definitely negotiate it down so it would equal $100 million or less) =P So an East Coast mega mansion AND a West Coast mega mansion….instead of this mediocre penthouse LOL

          • Eric

            I agree, I don’t see how someone could enjoy living in a building with lots of other people every day and call it a home, especially with a 100,000,000$ price tag.

          • Chris

            I agree too. I’d rather have 2 mega mansions instead of 1 penthouse.

  • Daniel

    Wow. $100 million is a lot, but owning this penthouse would be pretty awesome. I’m surprised that Juan Pablo Molyneux designed it; it looks so boring and stale, something Molyneux is DEFINITELY not known for. I think a contemporary design scheme would work better with this considering the relatively odd layout. Something along the lines of Peter Marino or Candy & Candy. Something Art Deco.

    On a side note, does anyone else find the excuse of him wanting to move a little suspicious. Can’t they install taller railings or something?

    • lambskin

      Plus it would rule out any buyer with kids…

  • John L.

    It sure is a snoozer for $100 million.

  • Dr. Nicholas Hinkle

    This is my dream New York City apartment, after renovations. The views are phenomenal and a 3 floor penthouse residence in New York City is almost unheard of. The interior structure and building screams for it to become an ultra-modern, highly technological, bright palace in the sky. The ceiling fixtures draped in crystal. Ultra-plush, luxuriously fabric covered sofas and crystal and transparent furnishing. This apartment could be amazing. I think i’ll start my hedge-fund right now.

  • rob

    I think it is great. This is a guy who lived his dream. What a cool place to hang out.

  • NOVA Ben

    I think I view this more as incredible potential than incredible as-is. I have to agree with Daniel, a contemporary/art deco design aesthetic would be perfect for this kind of penthouse. Unfortunately, that’s millions and millions of dollars’-worth of renovation on top of the already-stratospheric price. Still, though, impressive property for sure.

  • Chris

    Impressive for sure.

  • lambskin

    Having worked in highrises, getting home to the 76 floor-or out will take a long time. Gotta love that elevator music…

  • James

    I wouldnt live in it but i do think its cool how they made the living areas flow with the odd shape of the building 🙂

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