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  • Al Robinson

    So, they’re already listing a mansion that is even built yet?? Oh well, who cares? That place looks like it’s going to be nice as hell. Hopefully they don’t ugly it up on the inside.

    • Kenny Forder

      Yup, spec home I guess. Yeah, I hope it’s not too contemporary/modern inside.

    • Al Robinson

      Of course, I mean’t to say “isn’t even built yet??”

  • Daniel

    Wow. Talk about ambitious. It definately looks like it will be more contemporary, which is odd considering SRD does strictly Mediterranean or Palm Beach regency style homes. Nothing contemporary in their portfolio. However, this really reminds me of homes built in the early nineties down here. Doesn’t exactly look like it will be timeless. As far as price, I see this going for half the current asking price…and that’s when it is complete and offered turnkey.

    More pics here:


    • Daniel

      Hmm. Seems this house is owned by an LLC that lists its mailing address as Royal Palm Properties, which is David Roberts’ real estate brokerage. Not exactly surprising that he’s having SRD build it considering they build most of the new homes in Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club (which is the neighborhood David sells in exclusively…and they also built his current home which is for sale: http://www.royalpalm.com/property/152-alexander-palm-road-0 ).

      I’m surprised that he’s having Premier Estate Properties, which is the biggest competition for him in Royal Palm, list this. Even more surprising considering he also owns and is the broker of Sanctuary Realty, which deals with homes outside of Royal Palm. I’m surprised that he’s (at this asking price) willing to pay the potential $2 million+ in commissions to his competitor.

      • rob

        I’m surprised you know so much about him.

  • Brian

    It’s a nice piece of land, but I don’t see anything in the photos worth that price or worth waiting several years to complete. There are 2 Delray Beach listings that appear to be WAY better values, and they are available immediately. I see no reason that anyone would even consider this property. Am I missing something – besides someone’s bloated ego?


    • Daniel

      978 Gardenia has been for sale for at least 5 years and has undergone a $5 million+ price reduction. I think it hasn’t sold yet because it is a *very* unique home with a quirky layout and more importantly, it is by far the nicest home in the neighborhood (Tropic Isle) and there is nothing to compare it to. The second home is in Stone Creek Ranch, which is essentially a wannabe Le Lac in the middle of sugar cane fields. A mosquito haven and nothing else.

      But yes, there are nicer homes on the ocean that are for sale at $10 million+ less than this home in Delray:




  • rob

    Looks nice, price is tooo high. That is all.

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