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  • Justin

    I don’t like it, it looks.. unfinished.

  • rob

    I think it is really cool. I am trying to get my head around how modern and spacious it is. I think this home needs a harem to bring it to life. Those spaces are designed for crowds of beautiful women. I really like the layout of both pools and that mosque room looks pretty interesting. I wonder what you would do in there. I think this house could be adapted to anyone. Particuarly a young, single male billionaire. This really looks like a party house. I am intrigued by the location. Is this right across the street from the Beverly Hills hotel? It looks like a pretty cool location right in the thick of things.

    • Kenny Forder

      It definitely is spacious, like all the homes he builds, however maybe too spacious. The kitchen looks….cavernous LOL. Yes, it’s right across from the Beverly Hills Hotel, which is a pretty good location except it’s on a really really tiny lot.

      • Mak

        I just want to chime in on the harem comment.

        Ok…I know it’s a real estate blog, so I shouldn’t get all PMSy about what’s said or implied in the comments…but really. A harem? Seriously? Do you know what a harem was all about? Can we not describe a house as being perfect for enslaving women?

        • george

          Mak, with all that this house represents in a place like Beverly Hills, the gold diggers would come out of the hills to form the harem, and in the fall start filming the TV show.

          • NOVA Ben

            HA! Comment of the day, my friend.

  • Chance

    I do like some of the aspects of it, but it’s just to voluminous.

  • Tony

    This house is cheap and tacky. It is a hot mess!! I really liked Mohamed Hadid’s other house “Le Belvedere” but I don’t like this one at all. I didn’t like the exterior of Le Belvedere but the interior was amazing as far as the quality and craftmanship. This house looks really cheap and modern which I don’t like. I think Mohamed Hadid lost a lot of money on the sell of Le Belvedere because he spent so much money putting so much quality in it and it didn’t sell for near the original $72 million asking price. So I think he is now making houses really cheap but trying to give the appearance of quality and selling them way over priced in order to make his money back.

  • Tony

    Anyone that thinks this house is nice please look at the previous house that Mohamed Hadid built called Le Belvedere. Whether or not Le Belvedere is your own person taste or not you can’t deny that it is made of exquisite materials and craftmanship. This property is no comparison to Le Belvedere. Check out the link for Le Belvedere below:

    • george

      Thank you for the post on the other house, you are right about the difference in quality, day and night.

      • george

        And a much better lot and location

  • Hugh

    Love it.
    The glass aqua glass, the light wood. Nice

  • Daniel

    The only next logical step for Mo is to start turning old convention centers into homes…or maybe even sound stages. That way. Heck, maybe his next house will be devoid completely of interior walls. Just have a nice huge 40,000 warehouse of an interior.

    I love huge homes as much as the next person, but the layout looks terrible. 48,000 square-feet and you have this sliver of a hallway you need to walk through that opens up onto these giant rooms.

    Very displeased with this. Oh, and if it wasn’t already obvious, the price is a joke as with all of his homes.

    • Daniel

      I really need to proofread my comments before I click ‘Submit Comment’.

      • NOVA Ben

        You can edit them now! I’ve used that feature several times.

        • Daniel

          I know! I was sadly preoccupied with work and the 5-minute timer ran out before I could. Boo 🙁

  • Joseph

    This house is pretty awful. Like most Beverly Hills mega-mansions, it looks extremely plain and cartoonish. The interior is similar to an office building, only less stylish and inviting. The back side of the house is nothing but a bare contemporary mess. The facade would look better as a townhouse, except with wasteful amounts of lighting on the outside.

    Overall, this home wouldn’t be so awful if it were constructed entirely with Moroccan influences and none of that “Contemporary” styling.

  • Jeff P.

    Overly stylized. But with a size & location like that, I can see the new owner gutting it and starting from scratch with just the skeleton.

  • architect121

    I hate it, it’s horrible. I had high hopes for the home but am deeply dissapointed. It MIGHT have been a semi cool home in the iron man batchelor pad sort of way if the facade matched the interior. I can’t see this home selling anytime soon

  • Don

    It’s on a lot made for a 6,000 sq ft house.

    Enough said.

  • Grrrowler

    I think I saw pictures of this place on Priceline, while looking at 3-star hotels in Dubai. I simply can’t express how much I dislike this house, inside and out. What is one supposed to do in the Moroccan Room? It looks like the only option is to sit and stare at the person sitting opposite. Or smoke weed. The kitchen is ludicrously large to the point of being forced to wonder what the designer was thinking. And from the front, the view of the hotel parking lot and busy Sunset Blvd is not worth $58 million. For this kind of money, I would much prefer something in the hills with a view that’s more tasteful (the Degeneres/de Rossi house comes to mind).

    • Jeff P.

      Great points, all.

  • lambskin

    I do not like the location. It is across from a busy hotel and on a very busy street/intersection. A big mess on a little plot.

  • Sam

    Its so different to what I expected! I dont think i’ve ever seen anything like it before, but its actually quite nice. It would be nice to have some more exterior shots. I know its got one of the best addresses and blah blah blah but surely 58million is a tad too much? Also its a very fussy/particular style, it wouldn’t appeal to alot of people, I can see it being on the market for quite some time.

  • Chris

    This has nothing on Le Belvedere. 2 completely different homes. This one isn’t as nice

  • Rocco

    It looks like the beggining of a “Real World” house. All of the extremely custom contemporary work looks out of place for 2012 and won’t stand the test of time.

    Although, I’m still partial to the wet/dry pantry, minus the vegas glass doors.

  • C

    Hard to compare the two because they are so different. Don’t like Le Belvedere as I like simple more contemporary. However, I don’t really like this either. Looks like a boutique hotel…..

    However, unbiased… the house is the same size and similar quality of Le Belvedere, just it contemporary instead of traditional. It’s the Ritz Carlton to the W Hotel. Le Belvedere’s location was far superior to this location… however that was also on a small lot but it was two of this lot and hand a view.

    He bought a plot up in Franklin Canyon that is 45 acres. He plans on building some homes up there and I’m sure we’ll his next monstrosities there. It will probably end up being some gated enclave ala Beverly Ridge Estates like.

    • Tony

      The quality of this house is no where near the level of Le Belvedere, this home is made of cheap garbage that only gives the illusion of quality. Le Belvedere is made of the finest quality of any home I have seen in Bel Air. Maybe the quality of La Belle Vie comes close. I don’t even think the quality of Fleur Dy Lys is on par with Le Belvedere. Take another look at this crap. Some parts of the walls and ceilings in this house are made of cardboard. Dry wall is just a nice word for cardboard. Le Belvedere has custom moldings throughout covering ever inch of the walls. There is no bare wall anywhere in the entire house of Le Belvedere. The custom moldings and carvings and cabinetry in Le Belvedere is far superior to this home and superior to 99.9% of all homes in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and Beverly Park.

      • Barney

        Tony….you have NO IDEA ON EARTH of what you’re talking about. Sorry, but you sound like a complete fool………….Did YOU build either of these houses??


        • coloradolifer


          YOU have no idea what YOU are talking about you Blabbering Idiot! STFU and let people voice their opinions. (come ta think of it, MOST people on this site are Stupid Incoherent Schleps who probably still live with Mommy)

          • Chance

            Pot meet kettle.

            Anyway’s, Barney is right. The notion that Hadid will build this place to a lesser quality than Le Belvedere is laughable. Quality is the same, it’s just a different style. Le Belvedere looks higher in quality because it’s more ornate , but it isn’t.

          • Barney

            Hmmmm, and I WONDER what brought THAT on, A MIRROR, perhaps? LISTEN, YOU WIPE……I’m a former Realtor, that used to work in one of the midwests’ HIGHEST per capita income areas, and I STILL live there, so I do KNOW WHAT THE F I’m talking about. I DONT’ live with my MOMMY…….she’s DEAD, YOU DOUCHE. I’m also a VERY successful architectural photographer now, so I DOUBLE know what the F I’m talking about. And as hideously overdone, ridiculously HUGE, uselessly gargantuan and purposely garish-beyond-compare as ALL Hadid’s houses are, he STILL wouldn’t build with shitty materials like Tony oh-so-wrongly claims. He automatically equates modern with CRAP and that is the HEIGHT of contruction & architectural ignorance.

        • Tony

          Shut up Barney. You are ignorant and stupid. Anyone with eyes can see the difference in quality. The custom moldings and cabinetry in Le Belvedere is very expensive work. You can’t fake that kind of work. You can cut a lot of corners in a contemporary house that you just can’t do in a house like Le Belvedere. If corners were cut in the Le Belvedere house then it would have that cheap look that the Gorga’s house has. The Gorga’s New Jersey home is an example of a cheap ornate home trying to pass as quality. Homes like Le Belvedere and La Belle Vie are actually very expensive quality homes. About the best that is available in today’s age. I wont say they are as good as Marble House or The Biltmore but they are better than pretty much any other house in Beverly Hills area. Also Mohamed Hadid himself said he spent $59 million building Le Belvedere. I am sure he may have inflated the number but if the actual cost was anywhere near that then that’s more than the purchase price of this new home. Le Belvedere was originally listed at $72 million, far more than the $58 million this home is listed at because that much more work and quality went into Le Belvedere. But Mohamed Hadid lost money on Le Belvedere and since then he’s obviously stopped putting as much quality into the homes that he builds so that he can make a profit. If you look at his earlier work like the home Michael Jackson rented and Le Belvedere, they were far superior to his recent work. Look at how Mohamed Hadid was recently sued for shoddy work by Sly Stallone. Mohamed wasn’t getting sued back in the day. It seems to me like after he lost a fortune by spending so much money to put so much quality into Le Belvedere and then having to sell the home for less than the amount of money he put into it because of the bad real estate market he has decided to start making cheap crap that he can flip for a buck instead of spending all the extra money to make something beyond people’s expectations.

          • Tony

            I also wanted to add that this is not the worse contemporary home I have seen. Most are worse than this. Most contemporary homes look like a big empty box with plain white walls. At least this home has marble floors and what appears to be some marble elements on the walls and wood trim and some wood cabinetry. But the level of detail and quality in this house just doesn’t compare to Le Belvedere. Someone has to be ignorant or blind not to see that. Just look at the kitchen of the home. The ceiling looks like cheap dry wall with some wood beams going across it. It looks like the ceiling of a warehouse or something. The kitchen in Le Belvedere is completely covered in wood and moldings from floor to ceiling and even the ceiling is completely covered. You don’t see any dry wall. Any house with too much visible dry wall looks cheap. If you look at a home like Marble House or The Biltmore there is no dry wall anywhere in the home because that is cheap crap and they didnt build that way back then. But even if you look at most of the mega mansions built today in the $50 million to $100 million plus range they dont have barely any visible dry wall if any at all. Homes like Fleur Dy Lys, La Belle Vie, and Le Belvedere have marble, stone, wood and custom carved moldings from floor to ceiling through out every inch of the entire house in every room. You don’t see any bare walls anywhere. Also I made a mistake, Le Belvedere was originally listed at $85 million. So obviously Mohamed Hadid knew he was building a way better quality home when he made Le Belvedere and that is why he priced it as such. The price started at $85 million and then dropped to $72 million and then eventually sold for $50 million because of the bad real estate market. Also Le Belvedere is on 2.2 acres. This contemporary house was wedged on a tiny crappy lot. Also Mohamed Hadid himself said that the quality in Le Belvedere was beyond anything he had ever done. And Mohamed’s friend Lisa Vanderpump who is way richer than you and has lived in some of the finest homes in the world and is well connected and has friends who live in some of the finest homes said that she has never seen anything in the Beverly Hills area with the quality of Le Belvedere. Also on the website for Le Belvedere it says it took 1,000 workers, and a hundred master craftsmen from Morocco, Mexico, Italy, China, and Russia were commissioned to sculpt, cast, and hand finish embellishments for the walls, windows, ceilings and staircases. I saw fat Sammy from Shah’s of Sunset and some immigrants building this contemporary home. If you ever watch the reality show Shah’s of Sunset it showed that Hadid had the fat loser reality star guy that stars on that show Shah’s of Sunset in charge of putting together this contempory house so I am sure its no where near on par with Le Belvedere.

  • marc22

    Wow that house was wedged onto its plot with a shoehorn or crowbar. Maybe its all the light wood but the home holds no appeal and the price is a joke. What a waste of money and resources to build this gargantuan mess.

  • Hunter

    I like the two pools areas, the theater and that’s it. Too large and boring. And like others have said, the lot is way to small. If I own a 48,000 sqft home, then I want it on 20 acres minimum.

  • NOVA Ben

    Obnoxious ego-festival bullshit.

    • Justin

      Is that the house or the comments section?

      • NOVA Ben

        Haha, fair enough 😉

        I was referring to the house

  • Maya

    Come on the house is only for boring people. Can u see that?
    Btw those rich ppl are out of control 58 mill for a house?
    The house would fit for hundred ppls
    to live in.. Oh yeah
    2 ppl with hundred maids. Sick. Very Saudi

  • Marie

    Way overdone and just garish.

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  • Tatiana Karam

    Look @ all you haters!! Mohammad Hadid is a genius and his work is amazing!!

  • sam

    time will tell,

    many a mohammad before him has met a tragic end, it will be interesting to see if he can outlive his mistakes,

  • sammi

    ugh he’s just an old whore-monger and his daughters are little sluts as well as their other girlfriends traveling around the world on their daddy’s dime while daddy’s home w/ their little young fake girlfriends having kicked their ex-wife’s to the curb. sad. pathetic. sick.

  • Any

    Love it. Reminds me a bit of Dubai. Still the most beautiful building I’ve ever visited was Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Sure can’t live in it, but the most peaceful and stunning place, really breathtaking.

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