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  • Daniel

    What…the…HELL is with that painting in photo 3? You couldn’t pay me to take another step in the house with that there. Some of the spaces look decent – IF you strip away every window treatment and all the furniture. That chapel looks like something nightmares are made of. Beyond creepy.

  • rob

    I really love the roofline and the colors on the exterior. Great job of blending the shingles and the dormers and the gutters. The exterior is brilliant. I wish I could see a picture of the front facade. This seems like it is placed on a really large plot of land and that is quite nice. The interior is way overdone. I understand exactly what instructions the interior designer got. “make it look french”. Unfortunately, it looks like they just went out and bought every single french thing they could find in a catalog. This is not put together well at all. I hate the marble floors. So shiny and cold. Fortunately the owner is probably not including the furniture in the sale so the new owner and his decorator should spend 10 grand and spend a week in Provence. Then they would have some idea of how to treat this house.

  • mak

    What part of this is “french country”?

    • dan

      It’s amazing to me that all you people rip apart these beautiful homes and I bet all of you could not afford even the tax bill.

  • NOVA Ben

    The interior is hideously overdone and not my style at all, but the exterior is genuinely drool-worthy…the place is beautiful to behold. It sits on a very respectable piece of land, and it looks super private. The chapel is an interesting touch…If it’s a historic structure and was there before the home, then kudos to the owners for leaving it be, but if it dates to the same time as the home itself, then it’s a little strange, in placement as well as concept. I can’t really tell which is the case.

    With a complete redo inside, this could be spectacular.

  • Mark

    I need therapy now…thanks

  • marc22

    The exterior, details, proportions, roof line, massing is really very well done. Looks very nice indeed to my eyes. Maybe the interior is not to everyones taste, but that can be changed and nobody buys the furnishings and decorating of the previous owner so this place has lots of potential. The separate chapel structure is an interesting idea if you are going toward creating a village-like effect. The size of the lot is also a huge plus.

  • marc22

    Should have read the listing first. The stone chapel is indeed a remnant of the former estate, built in 1908 and said to have been restored. Kudos to the owners for taking on the project and also keeping it at a distance so it reads as the separate chapel in teh woods as it was before and not a poolhouse or garden shed near the main house.

    • NOVA Ben

      ah..in my haste to comment, I neglected to read the listing as well. I’m really glad they respected the structure and kept it largely (I assume) untouched.

  • george

    The exterior is beautiful, the interior looks like it was done by somebody’s 87 year old maiden aunt. The lot is what a great home should be placed on. Over all a winner, just, if they offer to leave behind the furniture, say “NO THANKS”.

  • Chris

    I drool over the exterior, and kudos to leaving the chapel on the property, but the interior needs to be redone. If it is, it will likely look amazing because it has serious potential.

  • Sam

    If this was my house the first things I would do would be tear down the chapel and gut out all the furniture. The interior wouldn’t actually be that bad if it weren’t for that ugly furniture and strange paintings. That being said, the exterior is flawless and couldn’t be made better for this style of house.

    • matt

      its chapel lane, they will never take down that chapel

    • NOVA Ben

      Tearing down the chapel would be irresponsible and foolish. If you’re worried about a historic structure cramping your style, go buy a nice 1/2 acre, level, un-wooded lot and build your McMansion there. There are plenty of people who appreciate keeping remnants of history around.

  • Jeff P.

    A lot of people are slamming the interior here. (I don’t like it either.) But I am curious – to me, this is typical of many of the same Greenwich colonials that most of the readership here seems to swoon over. Lots and lots of molding, chair rail, wainscot, all painted over with glossy white paint. Why does this interior not work for y’all, and so many of the (similar) Greenwich colonial interiors do?

    • rob

      Not the interior itself, the interior decorating. I think most people on here think the house is good but the decorating needs to be completely redone.

    • matt

      the interior would be beautiful with different furniture

    • NOVA Ben

      You do have a point, but I think we’re dealing with varying degrees of the same types of decorating. I do like a great deal of traditional Greenwich interiors that display similar aesthetic ideals to this home, but it’s specific choices like colors, patterns of wallpaper, and so forth that I take issue with on this home. And actually, looking back through these pics, it’s mostly the furniture and some color choices that I don’t like…and of course the furniture will be gone when the new owner moves in, so problem (partially) solved.

  • Tay

    uhhh..marble floors and wallpaper is tacky no matter where you are haha.

  • matt

    I love this house! absolutely stunning. and if any of you know Mendham…this place is in a STUNNING setting

  • JFW

    Nothing “French Country,” about it. That term is so misused and overused. Before putting a label of French Country on something please learn something about the historic architecture of the French countryside.

    • NOVA Ben

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: realtors should be required to take an “Architectural Styles 101” course before they can practice real estate.

  • John

    I keep seeing properties in Mendham that exemplify true luxury living—conservatism, strict adherence to theme, and absolutely ridiculous tax bills relative to home/lot size. They can pattern all the curtains they want, they paid 82k in property tax last year….that’s money. You can’t leverage property taxes, people. More paisley!

  • ted

    i love the exterior, but the interior is quite nauseating.

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