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  • Daniel

    The pool is nice but this has to be one of the strangest homes I’ve ever seen.

    • Good Luck

      Beauty must be strange to you then.

      • Daniel

        And criticism must be something strange to you. Are you the owner or listing agent?

        • Good Luck

          Criticism is only okay when you are correct. But you are wrong that is why your “criticism” is out of place.

  • george

    Nice house in Texas, good luck trying to sell it in Pa.

    • Good Luck

      Location does not matter if the house is magnificent.

  • Grrrowler

    I really like the pool, mostly because of the amount of natural light. The rest of the house is just weird. The pseudo-Spanish exterior has nothing to do at all with the authentically tacky interior, or maybe it’s the other way around. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that some of the pictures were taken in the 1970s. It does seem certain that some of the furniture is original to the house.

    • Good Luck

      If you think this house and its decor is tacky then your home must be tasteless. I did not know the ’70’s had such great cameras, it is obvious that your taste in decorating “is just weird.”

  • NOVA Ben

    What a strange house. I gotta say I love the indoor pool, and that’s about it. The kitchen resides decades in the past, and the rest of the home just seems uncomfortable, like it’s not quite sure what it wants to be. Add in the fact that the place is surrounded by a subdivision with quintessentially Pennsylvania-style Colonials, and this is just an odd proposition all around.

    • Good Luck

      Is it not obvious this home is styled after an authentic hacienda that is why the kitchen is so glorious. I did not know it was possible to judge such a breath-taking home, especially only seeing photos on the internet.

  • rob

    I think you made a mistake. YOu put PA., I think you meant AZ or NM. That would just be silly to build this house in PA., LOL>

    • Good Luck

      Spelling is something worth learning. It is “just silly” not to know how to spell states, or how to use punctuation.

  • marc22

    The pool is fantastic. I’ll take it. You can have the rest.

  • Chris

    This screams “I am a Texas mansion” haha. The pool is nice though.

    • Good Luck

      Houses do not scream.

      • jewels

        You suck Good Luck.Don’t be mad because you can’t sell your tacky Estate. I’m sure some tacky Italians will give you you an offer you can’t refuse.

  • jewels

    This pool is so beautiful. Good Luck you suck.Opinions are like a-s-s holes. Everyone has one. take a chill pill.Why put up photos of a house and then allow people to leave comments but then get angry when no one agree’s with you. Very strange. Not the house but you. ha Ha ha. Are you upset because no one will buy this tacky house that you were stupid enough to purchase.

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