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  • Hunter

    WOW!!! Pretty cool looking place. Love the architecture. Sign me up!!

    • Kenny Forder

      Isn’t it?! So spacious and bright!

  • Daniel

    Um. It’s a church.

    • Elliott

      yup, sure is.

  • Chris

    The architecture is to die for! I LOVE IT!

  • NOVA Ben

    This is nuts and makes absolutely no sense. I love it.

  • Grrrowler

    The exterior architecture is pretty cool, and yes it does look like a church. I think converted churches make be pretty amazing houses, but this seems anything but homey. The “reception hall” still resembles the nave of a church, and should look more like a room in someone’s home. Actually, the more I more I look at the more I think it looks like the lobby in a church that’s been converted to condos. The bedroom and some of the other rooms that have been modernized look great, but the whole of the structure doesn’t feel integrated. It reminds me of a half-finished version of this local condo project:

    • Jeff P.

      I agree – my issue with this place is all about how the interior space has been utilized. I love the “bones” on this place, but it needs a decorator who will bring it a homier feel.

  • rob

    I think it is just too gimmicky for the price. It is also a church. If you bing it, it looks like a church in some small English town on a fairly plain street. Why would anyone buy this with some of the great English estates that are available? And estates in Ireland are on fire sale right now. I like it and it is cool that someone decided to do this but it is just a quirky joke more than anything else.

  • Joseph

    I’m interested in how large this structure is. Old churches always contain superb examples of good architecture, but living in something so large and open would feel a bit overwhelming. I personally think the modern elements contrast too much with the structure. Either way, this is a beautiful home and I love houses that were converted from other buildings.

  • James

    Omg i love it kenny! Awesome find!!! I wonder how large it is?

  • Charlie

    Love. Love. Love. More of these, please!

  • Barney

    As our friends the Brits say “ABSOLUTELY SMASHING & BRILLIANT IT IS, OLD BOY!”

    That place is one POWERFUL and wonderful collision of 2012 uber-modern and 1909 magnificence, for sure. While I LOVE looking at it, and think it’s a true work of art, which it REALLY is, I honestly don’t think I could live in it comfortably. The original parts of the former church are just too imposing and powerful, but nonetheless TRULY astounding.

  • Jeff P.

    I absolutely LOVE this place, but I would get a better decorator in for the interiors.

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