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  • Last Man Standing

    This place ROCKS! It totally fits in the neighborhood. Despite its massive size dwarfing all other homes, it has the feel and look of a prefab that was trucked in and put up in a weekend. It is thoughtfully placed next to a river so it has the tax and insurance advantage of being in a flood zone. It’s hitting on all cylinders.
    As for interior notes, I’m equally impressed. Nothing says top end like zebra carpeting. And the wall murals makes one feel like they are in Tuscany….Ohio instead of Columbus so it has that going for it. No cowards here. They sure didn’t want to keep to any one style in their finishes. They spared no expense. Why, in the library I would bet those shelves across from the mobile home fireplace are actually plywood as opposed to the particle board one finds on lesser quality Ohio builds.
    I don’t see this staying on the market for long. Truly an impressive listing. (Oh, and I’m a huge fan of triangles on the exterior.)

  • Daniel

    Looks like a megachurch community center. Horrid.

    • NOVA Ben

      That’s a better description than I could possibly hope to come up with.

  • LE

    The interior is a nightmare, but there are some exterior elements that I like. I like the fusion of older architecture elements like the facade facing towards the river. Thats amazing looking. I also like the style around the pool. Interior needs to be gutted.

  • marc22

    There are some nice details and elements and the exterior massing in parts has some appeal, but why when you have so much land and and so much square footage do you put a long row of garage doors visible from the front entrance of the home?

    Whle the mural lined solarium/entry may not appeal to everyone I am sure it looks amazing filled with plantings when entering ones home on a cold, snowy winter Ohio afternoon. By all accounts it could have been a great house.

  • Grrrowler

    I also got the megachurch vibe looking at the outside. You’d think with 6 acres to work with that someone could have come up with a better way for visitors to get a first impression of the house than a huge blacktop parking area and a row of garage doors. It’s almost funny that there are balconies overlooking the driveway and parking lot, when surely there would be better things to overlook. Oh, wait…I get it; it’s so that the owners can look down on their visitors as they arrive, both literally and figuratively.

    As soon I looked at the inside I realized that this place would be lucky to look like a megachurch. It’s shockingly terrible. There’s nothing, not one single thing, I can find that I like. It’s 25,000 or 27,000 square feet of philistinism made up of what look like very average-quality elements.

  • jdubble07
  • Mark

    Big for the sake of being big. Like a stretch limo. Puke!

  • Barney

    THANKS, jdubble07…….that link explains IT ALL! Now I see where this MASTICATING MESS OF A MONSTROSITY got it’s “style”! A WHITE-TRASH POS who’s also a HUGE crook, complete with CROOK wife, mistress(es), business partners, ad naseum! People who build “homes” like this simply reinforce to me that way too many people, at any given time in hsitory, simply HAVE NOT, WILL NOT, AND WILL NEVER LEARN the FACT OF REALITY. I HAVE TO say, though……ya’ gotta’ LUV people who build what are essentially MINI MALLS and call it a “single family home” “….they’re SOMETHING ELSE, entirely. Regarding the outside of the house, if you halved it in size, it’d be almost relateable as a true home to me. Also, the modern-lines infused into the English Gotchic architecture is honestly quite interesting to me….I think they work well together, ON A MUCH SMALLER SCALE. And the forty-seven garages are ENTIRELY in the wrong place, agreed. And the INTERIOR………..let’s just say that after half of the house was demolished then the ENTIRE interior would have to be taken down to the studs, THEN rebuilt into a PRACTIALLY SIZED, genuine home. And THAT “MASTER”!?!?!? I have honestly NEVER seen such a gargantuanly gross grouping of MYSTERY rooms that are categorically unrelateable to each other IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. And that’s saying a Helluva’ lot ’cause I’ve seen A LOT of houses. And to top it ALL off folks, they OBVIOUSLY didn’t hire a decorator to do ANY part of the house, except for the main hall/stairway for the mural. WALL-TO-WALL, ZEBRA AND SNAKE SKIN CARPETING……..’nuff said. Additionally, the website for the house STINKS ON ICE. I’ve been hearing from all my Realtor-clients, & they’re all in total agreement that virtual tours are O.V.E.R…..and the one for this tragedy is among the WORST I’ve seen in a looong time. Just for the “owner’s suite”, all you see is the middle of the room, no floor or ceiling or even the higher part of the walls. PITIFUL….and the resolution on the all-important detail (i.e., crown mouldings, built-in furniture detail, finishes, etc. etc.) is non-existent due to the crap quality of the camera used & I know what I’m talking about since (as some of you might remember 🙂 I’m a photographer and shoot houses for a living. Anyone agree?

    • NOVA Ben

      I’m confused…what is the house chewing?

      • Barney

        Raw, uncooked, unpasteurized BAD TASTE & CONFUSION 🙂

        • NOVA Ben

          haha, good answer

  • Joseph

    Well, this is an awful mess. Also, according to the website, the main house is only 25,000 square feet which is good knowing that less materials were wasted in this monstrosity. The garage itself is in a horrible place. This house also has no style at all. It would look nice in a smaller scale, but Mega mansions should be well constructed in a traditional style, not “contemporary” garbage.

    The interior is awful too. Wallpaper murals? This isn’t the 1970s. If you can afford a five million dollar house, then you can afford something genuine (like paintings and actual columns).

    • Barney

      Ah ah ah, Joseph…….those who instantly equate the very strong word “garbage” with contemporary show a strong lack of education of the heart architectural & design principles. To say that ANYthing traditional is beautiful is like saying George Bush is SMART.

      • Joseph

        Now, I’m not saying everything that is contemporary is garbage, just many buildings on a larger scale due to the fact that such a design lacks tradition and detail. If a house like this were given some effort and restraint, then it might have turned out nice.

  • NOVA Ben

    I’ll leave it at this, since others have written novel-length posts already:

    – Very strange home.
    – I hate it.

  • Chris

    this is just awful, everything I’d want to say has been said already

  • Dr. Nicholas Hinkle

    I only send “Tips” in because I love everything about architecture, you mutually do as well and i have friends in the real estate markets in all regions and it’s not really a “big deal” or anything but, I would appreciate that when I email the blog “owner” tips such as this one, I would at least get emailed a simple “Thank You”, as I normally am, for emailing links and listing information. I didn’t get that or even the usual “*Tip From HOTR Reader “xxxx” for giving the information so, I am just slightly offended and find that rude. I won’t leave another “Tip” or “inside information”, again.

    • Kenny Forder

      Calm down, I apologize. I said thanks for the info. Some people do not like their names put on the post, so I wasn’t sure.

      • NOVA Ben

        I’ll be a little more diplomatic than Nick was…I do agree with his main point, which was give credit where credit is due. I’ve sent in tips that eventually end up on HOTR and I was not credited with having sent the tip, so I understand where he’s coming from. I too appreciate a tip of the hat when I share a listing, and I’m sure that’s all he’s referring to. Kenny, you do a lot of work for this blog and I’m sure you’re chest deep in tips/new info/general real estate porn day in and day out, so thanks for what you do!

        • Kenny Forder

          I’m sorry =/ From now on, I’m going to try my best to remember to give credit to everyone who sends in a tip.

    • Paul

      Keep sending in your tips. I am sure Kenny did not intend to slight you or steal your thunder. Based on this “home,” I can see where he might have thought you wouldn’t want you name attached to it.

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