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  • Grrrowler

    Almost 20,000 square feet on 47 acres sounds like a proper estate. There are what look like nice areas on the grounds. but, it also looks like a majority of the land is just land, and nothing else. Why not put more formal gardens, paths, etc? Having a huge lawn like it has seems like a big waste. The exterior itself isn’t bad, although I do hate the statuary set into niches. I do quite like the colonnade leading to the pool.

    Along the same lines, I like the interior hall/gallery. There are some other nice spaces inside, but it needs a makeover. The living room supremely uncomfortable, and I hate the art on each side of the chimney breast. I’m also beginning to wonder if having a blackamore is mandatory in every Franklin, TN house. I also don’t like the semi-circular balcony overlooking the living room; why not just make it a gallery hallway? The pot rack above the kitchen island is ludicrously large, and I can’t imagine that it’s ever used. The barstools are also pretty ridiculous. Overall, it’s definitely in need of a makeover. With that done, I think it could be a grand but also comfortable house.

  • Limedaiquar

    Looks cheap. And would it kill them to close some of those spaces up?

  • marc22

    Well is it wrong for me to like this? I do. I think the overall proportions and exterior massing of the home are very nice. Great service courtyard and formal landscaping around the house. The pool area is well done. The wine cellar/bar is gorgeous. There are some very unexpected and attractive details throughout the interiors from the beamed and vaulted ceilings to the mouldings. Not overdone and it easily could have been very heavy handed, but its not. I also really love the free flowing open layout between the rooms. Just enough walls where necessary, but must be a great house for entertaining.

  • Hüseyin


    Kenny, did you see how Lisa Vanderpump’s former house almost vanished in flames? BTW, some of your older posts, such as the one about her house, don’t exist anymore, they seem to have been wiped.

    Also, do you know who owns the mansion in the photo number 20


    It is the white one in the right corner of the photo.

  • Hüseyin

    There are also a few new projects on Richard Mansions web site, the Château de la Lumière in Singapore and a huge Colonial mansion in Pacific Palisades.

  • Sam

    Looked nice from afar, very overly done inside, and I agree with everyone else the land isn’t used as well as it could be.

  • Daniel

    Truth be told, I don’t hate this as much as I thought it would. Well, it is in Tennessee so that’s a lost cause. The exterior is nice. The symmetry is there and I don’t think it looks cheap. The interior furnishings are on the mediocre side. However, I do like the way the living room is done. Cavernous, but they filled it up and I don’t think it looks that bad. What I cannot figure out is the counter-top of the bar in photo 13. Granite, glass, oxidized copper? What material is it and what is it supposed to resemble?

    • Grrrowler

      It looks like sloughed glass. I saw a similar technique used in the galley on a large boat.

    • NOVA Ben

      It is an interesting look…the round edge made me think of an extreme close-up of a bottle cap.

  • Chris

    I like it, there could be better use for the land though. Still, its one of the better TN mansions I’ve seen here.

  • NOVA Ben

    It’s not bad…it’s on a lot of land and I like most of the home. The exterior is a little on the busy side, although it looks well done. Inside is quite nice as well, although a makeover, like Grrrowler said, is needed. I do like the modern twist taken with the basement, especially the interesting bar and the wine cellar.

    Price seems somewhat in line for how big a house it is, and how much land it’s on.

  • Jeff P.

    I’m really over those great rooms with the soaring ceilings and the second floor catwalk above. Unless you like flying your r/c cat-copter in the living room or something, there doesn’t seem to be much use for them.

  • RomeAddict

    LOVE this exquisite estate. The acreage is the back of the property which is surrounded by the Harpeth River and horse paths. It’s located in an exclusive gated equestrian community so you would be allowed to build stables on this vast property and your horses would have run of the back acreage.
    Grrowler–the art of either side of the chimney breast happens to be antique French panels of the Tales of Psyche, 1815, which I adore. The grand salon chandelier is from a French castle, as well.
    I’ve visited this incredible estate, Bella Rosa,and every inch of it is sheer perfection and the finest of materials. The interior artistic painting took 2 years to complete. No local talent here, all artisans the best in the country.
    There are 150 more pictures on http://www.realtracs.com which I’ve viewed.

  • lambskin

    I think the house is beautiful. Love the formal elegance of the first floor. No pics of the 2nd floor rooms and baths. Interesting no sofas in the living room-just a lot of chairs and tables. The pool area is simply elegant. If I didn’t have to leave the house, I would move in.

  • Rocco

    The house should be, at the very least, another 100 yards back from it’s current location. When you live in a house this size and you can here street noise, you either live in an urban neighborhood (like Preston Hollow/Beverly Hills) or you built your house to close to the road.

    • Justine

      I think it’s funny your commenting on its location to the road when you have no idea about the road it’s on. This estate is in a private gated equestrian community miles off of any main road. The road you are seeing is basically a private road leading to the estate.

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