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  • Limedaiquar

    Ooh, babee. That roofline is killin’ it.

  • Daniel

    That’s a lot of booze.

  • Grrrowler

    This just screams over-sized tract house.

  • NOVA Ben

    Hmm…no. The stone is the only good part of the facade. The facade is in a really annoying zone of not-symmetrical-but-too-close-to-it that really bothers me. And why are the dormers clad in cheap vinyl siding?

    The interior is devastatingly boring, minus the semi-okay library. Definite pass.

  • rob

    I get exactly what this is supposed to be. The builder was going for a flat no nonsense kind of old money, main line house. The spartan interior mimics the old money decorating you find on the main line. This place has beautiful stone work everywhere but the facade. It is situated in some beautiful country. Way suburban. This is closer to Wilmington, DE than Philadelphia. Makes for a hell of a commute. Overall, I like the house if you feel like playing into that stern no nonsense old money ethos of Main Line Philadelphia. This house needs a couple of Irish Setters and some old cardigans.

    • NOVA Ben

      It’s good this place is closer to Wilmington than Philadelphia, because the real Old Money would laugh you right out of the neighborhood.

  • Elliott

    I love the exterior in general with the exception of siding as Ben stated. I like that the patio is right off the motor court. The garage layout is nice with the 5th door at a diagonal. Is the wine cellar only accessed from the exterior (under the patio)? The pool/house is blah. I’m digging the study/library and wine cellar, but that’s about it for the interior. Also, does it come with a liquor license to go with that card swiping machine? Is the owner really charging guests for booze??

  • lambskin

    The interior furnishings are so ugly-it looks like the owners took their lake cottage furniture and moved it in here and fled with the good stuff. The house is only 10 years old but the furnishings and drapes look 25+ years old- and I am not talking antique. Could the card swiper be an old business phone?

  • Chris

    pass. It bores me big time.


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