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  • Limedaiquar

    Well not much to say here except that its crap. The dining room niche makes my skin crawl.

  • george

    Zillow says $2,056,000. Also that it sold in Feb 2012 for $700,000. Now for an empty home $3,975,000, Was the home a RePo, never sold or what.

  • Chris

    WTF? Gaudy in its truest form.

  • mak

    What? No drawbridge?

  • Daniel

    Is this the Giudice’s new house?

  • Grrrowler

    Um…wow. There almost aren’t words to describe how bad this is. The living and dining rooms look like prison cells, which is exactly where the designer of this place should be.

  • lambskin

    Those columns piss me off.

  • NOVA Ben

    This offends me deeply. Although I suppose I should have expected it after the terms “Castle-esque” and “Little Rock Arkansas” showed up in the same sentence.

  • rob

    I llke the front. This was obviously someones fantasy project. They just either were not too bright or ill advised. I do not understand why someone who would start a project like this could not spend an hour on google and find a real architect and designer. I think it had potential. I do like the outdoor dining veranda. Probably beautiful in late spring and early fall.

  • marc22

    The builders really should get a few points for trying. The attempt at recreating a little Victorianized Bavarian fantasy hodge-podge castle in Arkansas of all places does take some guts. Too bad all that money spent really didnt achieve anything but lots of disjointed details, styles, finishes and spaces. Is that shiny contemporary looking yellow painted family room really part of the same house that contains the vaulted ceiling living room with the overly fussy iron chandeliers, elongated sconces and massive 2 story fireplace “whatdoyoucallit” overmantle?

  • Steve

    Yes theres definitely not much money in Arkansas. The Rockefellers, Waltons, Tyson Meats, JB Hunt. Old money not internet lucktards who got lucky with an invention. None of you know what youre talking about. Does anyone that posts here even live in a house that is 3000sqft +?

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