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  • Chris

    I feel as if all these homes in Arizona look alike. Strong disgust.

  • Daniel

    I love groin vault ceilings, but this home takes it too far. And why the hell is it so bright in all of the rooms?

    • Kenny Forder

      As do I, but mostly in hallways. This home has them all over.

  • Grrrowler

    I like the rusticity of this, especially the exterior. Normally I’d rail against the garage doors facing the front entrance, but these add to the overall look of the house as a “village”. The interior does have too many groin vaults, as has been pointed out, but some of the rooms look really nice. I particularly like the copious use of stone and timber. But, the rooms where there’s less of those materials fall on the faces. The master bedroom is a prime example of this; it’s just a white room with a few details in drywall and Home Depot tile on the floor. Why wasn’t the theme continued into rooms like this one? It’s resulted in the interior belonging to two different houses: one with some character and details built in; one that could be a large tract house anywhere in the country.

  • Jeff P.

    Ditto what everyone else already said. Plus, the choice of kitchen materials clashes with the stone – they should have gone for more neutral modern poured concrete and stainless to offset the beauty of the stonework.

  • mak

    Worst thing about it is that it’s in Arizona.

    • NOVA Ben

      Not sure if that’s a compliment or an insult…

  • NOVA Ben

    Wow, could they have picked shittier furnishings for this place? Poor furniture choices aside, I think the kitchen and the exterior are the only things I like here. I like the “village” feel of the exterior, and while the kitchen could use some more variation in materials, I really enjoy the rustic feel. Elsewhere all I see is a beeeeiiiiigggge AZ home.

  • rob

    I think it is gorgeous. I love the approach to the house. It looks so warm and inviting. I love the rustic, classic look to the place. That pool looks like an oasis that I am dying to jump into. I imagine on a hot Arizona day that is the place to be. I love the courtyard effect. Overall, this is a home I would love to have. Since I am the only one who likes it, I think I should win a weeks stay.

  • Charles

    this house is amazing!

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