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  • Coon

    I found the whole story super interesting when I first read after the film showed at Sundance (i think)… Really looking forward to seeing it.

  • Daniel

    “it took me a while to fall in love with him.” Mhmm. Took you but a second to fall in love with his wallet. God bless her for her dream coming true, but she still hasn’t bought taste.

    • Kenny Forder

      HAHA when I heard that I was like “NO SHIT!!” What young woman falls in love with a 70-year-old man instantly? Of course it took you a while…and millions of dollars for you to finally “fall in love” haha

      • Doug

        Haha I have to say I thought exactly the same thing about her falling in love with his wallet. How stupid and/or willfully ignorant is this man. I mean forgive me for being so frank but to me she is nothing more than a highly paid prostitute/baby machine. Also I find this proof that a lack of education and experience = a lack of class while education and real world experience = class. You see clips like this where they show her and then her family, it’s very clear that she never earned multiple degrees to earn a fortune, she just stepped into shit (a fortune). When you look at the homes of people who have spent years working for their money, whether it’s in college/graduate programs or starting any kind of business, whether it be fashion, or music or construction or what, you see a much higher level of investment in their houses in terms of emotion or quality, and thus class.

        Theses people went to Versailles and saw lots of gold and marble, and went to las Vegas and saw the stucco and faux-slate roof of the French-esque hotel. They put no effort into learning about architecture and such, and their house shows it. This house is just as tacky and classless as they are.

        Also you can see what a terribly shitty businessman he is in just this clip. Anyone who owns a business that’s about to make $1 billion in a year and then is suddenly practically broke when the economy goes south has no idea how to save and invest. I have family members who spent their whole lives working for Lehman brothers, and when that company went bankrupt they lost all of their bonuses and retirement money cause it was all in LB stock. But they knew enough to live within their means enough so they wouldn’t go broke.

        Ugh sorry for rambling so much, it’s just these people are incredibly fascinating, but they are also equally nauseating!

        • Doug

          Also Kenny, I live down in Colts Neck here, they are almost don’t building a house here on Montrose road that has to be at least 25,000 square isn’t visible on any of the maps programs yet though, but if you’re ever in the area I’m sure you would be interested in taking pictures of it. The landscaping on it is absolutely spectacular, man-made lake and all.

          • ted

            whats the address?

  • CincyRob

    I definitely wanna see that. I am gonna try to get an advanced copy of that.

  • Tay

    I think this is more reality show material, Im surprised it hasnt happened yet. This would sure be a ratings hit on bravo or some other network.

    • george

      Just what I was thinking.

    • NOVA Ben

      I could not agree with you more. Who the hell would pay to see this shit?

  • architect121

    It makes me want to watch and throw up at the same time…..

  • Al Robinson

    Hell yes, I am excited to see this movie! I think this whole movie idea is really cool, and I want to see the story of the Siegels and how and why they built their “gi-gansion.” Plus, I think that Jacqueline is pretty nice looking for an older woman. 🙂

  • Tony

    That house looks like its gonna be a cheap and tacky hot mess from what I have seen so far in the promo. The sketches look pretty good but even when you take a real close look at the sketches it looks a hot mess. But the finished rooms looked real cheap. The bathroom looked a hot mess. It looked like cheap tacky gaudy flea market quality crap and the walls of the bathroom looked cheap. Look at the bathrooms in La Belle Vie or Le Belvedere and then look at the bathroom in this house and you will see a major difference in quality. Also that kitchen looked a hot mess, even for a kitchen for staff or whatever it still looked cheap and tacky. The kitchen looked like it had hot pink and purple neon lights or something. Maybe it was just bad lighting. Also the kitchen looked like a cheap office complex break room from the 80’s. This is just awful. And that wife of Jason’s seemed like a hillbilly that just married into money. No wonder they can’t even afford to finish this hot mess of a house. By the way isn’t David Seigel the same jerk that said when he was leaving court that if they wanted a jury of his peers they should have gotten Bill Gates? And last thing I wanna say is that all the homes in Winderemere look like cheap crap, I thought they were finally gonna build a nice house in Winderemere but this looks like it is gonna have that cheap tacky dated 80’s look that The Manor has. I like The Manor overall because of the size and layout and the grounds and location and I give Candy a pass for the tacky 80’s looking interior cause she did build it in around 1991 but this is 2012 so the Siegel house shouldn’t look like an old production stage set from the show Dynasty lol.

  • Tony

    Yeah this sure should be a Bravo show. It would definitely be a hit. I would watch. These people are characters and the wife makes for good tv. Did someone say that woman looked good for her age? She looked a hot mess. 43? She looked more like 58 or something.

  • Hugh

    Looks interesting. Glad its a film and not a tv show.

  • NOVA Ben

    I’m going to be the dissenting voice here and say that I’m not at all interested in watching this trash. And I think there’s someone else out there with the same opinion. I won’t name names, but it starts with a “B” and ends in “arney”.

    • mak

      Funny…my name has an “a” in it but it doesn’t spell that name and I don’t watch this stuff either.

  • Joseph

    I didn’t watch the trailer, because I decided I would find more enjoyment out of reading the replies that state exactly what I would have expected. Either way, this mansion and likely its future inhabitants will not be very classy (if it isn’t hopefully destroyed). To be frank, most of these garbage mansions are located in the sunbelt, built in a faux European style (Usually Mediterranean or Chateau garbage). This monstrosity takes the cake for being god-awful and excessive with no personality whatsoever. This “house” is no better than a mcmansion, it is worse than a mcshack and only proves that fools are soon parted from their money. It seems as though these residents have nothing but grandiose delusions.
    The fact is that in a more modest and tasteful area such as the Midwest or New England, most homes in general will be vernacular and higher quality with better styling. The homes in those regions are more beautiful and I really would bet that the largest house in the Chicago area (a more cultured city than any in Florida) would not even be half the size of this piece of refuse. That being said, not all mega-mansions are bad. I haven’t heard anyone complain about The Gates Residence.
    This dump makes no use of the terrain, it sticks out like acne or a gashing wound in the terrain. Just its shape and design make it appear as a mini-palace. This is no house, it is a hideous example of conspicuous consumption and unrealistic standards on any scale.

    • Daniel

      I agree with about 90% of what you said. I’ll be the first to admit that Florida is probably one of the top states whose high end architecture is very…uninspired. Admittedly, a lot of “Mock-Meds” and the like. The part I disagree with is the inclusion of the Midwest as having homes of general “higher quality with better styling.”

      Hell no.

      While Chicago’s North Shore has some truly exceptional estates, the rest of the Midwest is lacking. Sure, they are little enclaves here and there, but as a whole, I don’t think it is fair to say that it is better than the South or the sunbelt. Florida, Georgia, The Carolinas all have some fantastic architecture, as well as the many enclaves in Texas and of course Southern California.

      The other part I disagree with is saying Chicago is a more cultured city than any in Florida. Miami is pretty cultured if you ask me. You have the old money in Coral Gables, new money in Miami Beach, every single nationality and finally a building boom. I don’t think Chicago is in any sort of “boom.” If the young, crazy nightlife-oriented culture in Miami isn’t your Red Bull + Vodka, then swing on up to Palm Beach. With the exception of NYC and The Hamptons, I think you’d struggle to find a wealthier enclave in the US (regardless of what any Forbes list says). Of course, California has it’s [overpriced] high-end neighborhoods, but I don’t think the social scene there is as rich. Finally, Florida’s super high-end areas offer some of the country’s greatest estates. Palm Beach, Coral Gables, Miami Beach, Naples, etc. offer a fantastic combination of very authentic 1920s architecture as well as the newly built palaces by some very talented architects.

      Other than that, I agree with you. You couldn’t pay me enough to build my “dream” home in central Florida, the mosquito haven. I honestly cannot see the allure. Windermere and Orlando are the equivalent of living in Kansas in my book. So, so bad. Only town I could stand to be in for a couple weeks was Winter Park. Love the oaks and old-town feel, but still…

      As far as “Versailles”, someone please just bulldoze it. Sell it for 10% above land value and make it go away. It will NEVER be finished, nor should it. A complete waste of materials and human labor. Make it go away. Make these people go away. The limo to McDonalds really is the perfect picture. They can have the nicest cars, best clothes and all the plastic surgery in the world, and they will probably never get the true style and sophistication that this level of wealth demands and deserves.

  • DAT

    You know, they say comments about other people reveal more about the people making them than the people they are about. I guess you guys will have to answer that question for yourselves.

  • marc22

    I think you are wrong. The comments above are justified because this family is not living a quiet life out of the limelight. They have choosen to put their crazy lives on film and are thus open to public opinion and criticism. If you are a gold digger and raising a family that somehow is not going to learn the value of money when the mom buys out a store of toys and shoves them in the back of her SUV or takes a limo to the local Mcdonalds which ends up costing $620 for those fries when you include the gas and drivers salary, then you accept that people will look at you and want to throw up at your waste and stupidity. You freely accept that your lives will be ridiculed when you signed the contract to film your day-to-day existence spending money on shit and not educating your off spring.

    Building that eyesore of a home, which resembles a cheap gaudy casino/catering hall, only highlights the families ignorance of money and lack of values. I never begrudge a hard earned dollar and admire people who start businesses from the ground up and are truly creative and do great things with their money. If they want to build a mansion, I say fine, it’s their right to enjoy it. This film clip is just stomach churning since it only glorifies the worst in business and wretched excess and how you just know this family is going to end up in rehab, drug clinics, divorce courts and bankruptcy courts in the years to come. It is like a good car wreck with blood splattered everywhere, most people can’t help but watch the carnage.

    • DAT

      You’re making a lot of assumptions that you can’t back up. Even if true, what’s the point of pointing them out? Does it make you happier? Do you expect them to take your criticism to heart and mend their evil ways?

      • marc22

        Assumptions? Did you not view the trailer?

        Plus I dont expect them to learn anything. In fact I would think they are completely clueless as to how stupidly indulgent and wasteful they are.

        Your original comment was directed at the comments on this post. My point is if you put yourself out there and film your vapid, tasteless and frivolous life then you accept that there will be critics of you and your lifestyle. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. The comments criticizing them are valid. It’s called criticism and reviewers of films use it all the time to comment on the film, its quality, its subject matter, its characters, etc. etc. This family wants their life to be seen, so they accept that criticism is part of the deal. ITs hard to understand why you think its a problem?

  • Chance

    I would probably watch when/if it comes out on TV, but I’m not gonna pay to see it. I don’t find the house to be interesting, and the “rich old guy, much younger woman” story has been seen in a thousand different ways, and this one isn’t much different.

  • Joseph

    So I just saw the trailer, and once again, I was not surprised. It reminded me of those crappy reality shows that only a true numb-skull would like. I often ask myself how people that are so dim-witted can become so rich. Unless that woman is blind (and judging by her fashion sense, she is), then how could she “fall in love” with an senile obese man that could have started a family before her existence because of his age.
    If anything, I fail to understand how our society awards people like that. Do Scientists and Nobel Prize winners live in castles? Their stupidity is proven when she states she cannot afford a watch (whether joking or not) when they likely live in a nicer home than most. Don’t forget the part when they drive the limousine to Mcdonalds.
    As Marc22 has pointed out, this is a car wreck. No, it is a train wreck and the trains were carrying medical waste.

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